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Review on C Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow With Jersey Cover For Moms-To-Be by Matt Buchanan

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Let it fluff up & it’s so comfy & supportive

This pillow is absolutely perfect. When I first pulled it out of the box and took off the wrapping to let it expand, I was slightly disappointed because it felt uneven in one spot. I fluffed the pillow as recommended and left it on my bed near a sunny window and it was fully fluffy when I laid down to try it out, and then decided to take a quick nap. It’s so supportive. At first I was frustrated with how big it was (I’m 5’10” & nearing my 3rd trimester, and I almost opted from the larger "for tall & 3rd trimester women” version and I’m glad I did not) but if you make it into a C with the larger hook at the bottom, crawl into it, tuck the bottom part between your legs, and it reaches up to your belly to support it. It’s not too enclosing feeling either, you feel perfectly supported with the ability to move around. I’m using it on my queen bed (sleeping alone) and it fits nicely but it would be uncomfortable for another person to sleep in the bed along with me and the pillow. The pillow is worth it. I’m still getting used to sleeping with it because I toss and turn a lot, but it puts me to sleep in seconds, it’s the comfiest pillow I’ve ever owned (even the head/ neck support, I kept forgetting it wasn’t my other pillows fluffed up) and I’ve already recommended to my friends who need extra back and neck support while sleeping, as I would 100% buy this again. This is a must-have during pregnancy. My sleep and just overall level of comfort have drastically improved. I also wanted to note that I purposely waited until I was further along in my pregnancy but I HIGHLY recommend this to women at every stage of pregnancy, if I had it in the beginning I would have been getting better sleep. It’s also super easy to spot clean and to wash, the pillow has easy zippers on the pillowcase (which is super stretchy, soft, and cooling) and the pillow itself has a zipper so you can unzip and fluff it if need be. I’m going to update and add some pictures tomorrow because the pictures on here don’t seem to do it justice.

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  • Warmly Tips: Both outer and lining case have independent zipper for you conveniently to unpick and wash.
  • Cover may shrink in the wash

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July 23, 2023
This pillow takes some time to loosen up, like it is really thick at first but it’s very comfortable! I still use it even after pregnancy