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Review on Butterfly Stickers Removable Decoration Classroom by Kelsey Brown

They bring "zest " to your interior!

I would like to share my next acquisition with Aliexpress. Due to irrepressible fantasy, I am always looking for some mi-mi-mi-shnye decorations for my home. Stumbled upon this product in the catalog, just could not resist. So, I present a set of decorative butterflies made of PVC. Butterflies are sold in a set of 12 pieces of different sizes and colors. At the time of purchase, the price of the set was 79 rubles (delivery is free, the packages were dropped directly into the mailbox). The seller offers several color schemes for the sets: blue, green, black, white, yellow, etc. I ordered three colors for myself: red, yellow and orange. There are 36 butterflies in total. Each set of butterflies 2pcs*12cm; 2 pcs*9cm; 4 butterflies*8 cm and 4 butterflies*6 cm. They are made of PVC plastic, very durable and bright. Butterflies do not smell of anything and are very pleasant to look at. The colors of each butterfly are individual, there are practically no identical ones. The parcel comes in the form of a regular package, which contains butterflies and plates with cuttings from double-sided tape or a set of small magnets (negotiated with the seller when ordering). If it is supposed to be a sticker on metal surfaces (for example, a refrigerator or a washing machine), then magnets are used. Since I planned to use them to decorate the wall, I specified the presence of adhesive double-sided tape in the order. materials (according to the assurances of the seller) Can be placed outdoors: on balconies, terraces, etc. After opening the package, each butterfly is bent into the desired shape according to your desire. That is, she can open her wings wider or higher - as you wish. Then, in the total mass, due to the different positions of the wings and colors, a very real picture of a flock of cheerful multi-colored butterflies is created! My walls in the dining room are covered with liquid cellulose wallpaper. They look like fabric and velvety. And since I have several bright orange-red accent spots in my design (kitchen towels, a cutting board, a flower pot and a pelmet on the curtain), my butterflies fit very well into the interior of one of the walls above the sofa. And this is a closer photo of butterflies on the wall : Since I have had butterflies for the second year, I have already "bathed" them several times. Neither the color nor the shape of them is spoiled. The only thing is that you have to change the adhesive round. I ordered these sets for my friends. One decorated her refrigerator with butterflies: And the second - decorated the room with them for the day the newborn granddaughter was discharged (that's how we are inventors)))) I know that they are discharged to decorate wedding and children's halls at celebrations. Agree, you can make life brighter and more beautiful, even with the help of such unpretentious jewelry. Right now I am writing a review, the bright spring sun falls on these butterflies, and I immediately want to smile and enjoy life !!

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Pros & cons

  • They make the interior and life brighter and more beautiful! It is convenient to use for decorating wedding halls, holding children's parties and home decor.
  • Did not find.

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