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Review on Nokian Tires Hakka Black 2 275/35 R20 102Y summer by Felicja Szczepaska ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

I bought a 225/40 R18 kit for the BMW 320i E90 on 04/28/2022, pumped it in front of 2.2, rear 2.4, followed the pressure every week, because the weather is changeable, and there were drops from +5 to +30 in summer. Driving style is mixed, sometimes sick, sometimes very aggressive. For 6 months I hit about 15,000 km, the main mileage in the city. After the first 6000 km, I threw the wheels crosswise, immediately after that I caught a vibration on the steering wheel in the range from 70 to 100 km / h, went for balancing, the vibration became completely insignificant - I decided that I would leave it like that. I won’t say that it’s some kind of mythically strong wear, as some complain, but over 15,000 km all tires have worn out approximately the same to the number 6 on the indicator. On two you can see 7, but very weakly. By manageability: Probably, this quality is characteristic of all fresh tires, but almost 100% predictability in management. Whether it's a rut or a long puddle on the road. Holds confidently in corners. On the petals, it was possible to turn along the outer radius at 120 km / h, more - it's scary, and it's hard for the car. For comfort/noise and durability: Not quiet, but not loud either. You can drive on the highway, the noise does not press on the brain. Rather, these are the shortcomings of the low profile, rather than the rubber itself, but the rails and other irregularities are very strongly felt if you do not slow down below 10 km / h. It seemed to me that the sidewall is very durable. Twice I caught large potholes in the roadway and once an open rectangular hatch. I thought there would be a huge keel at least, but I managed only with peeled paint on the disk. Final verdict after the first season: Excellent rubber for the price of 7140 apiece, if you follow the pressure and balance.

  • Predictable behavior during maneuvers Strong sidewall Good grip even at T close to 0
  • Minor balancing issues