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Review on ClosetMaid 9-Cube Organizer In Dark Chestnut: Premium Quality And Adjustable Functionality by Brooke Black

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Really beautiful product, but we had a few issues with it.

You definitely get what you pay for with this product, which means you're paying for a beautiful - but slightly problematic - piece of furniture. The finished product looks terrific. I love the deep, rich color. The adjustable shelves mean I can arrange things on it in all sorts of fun ways. Our tv sits very comfortably on top of it while we wait for the wall mount to get here. It just looks great!Putting it together wasn't very hard to do; I did it all by myself in less than one hour, and I'm definitely not a very "handy" woman. The directions were clear enough and everything fit together beautifully. However, there were a couple of issues. First, three pieces - the top board, the left side board, and one of the middle vertical boards had absolutely terrible scratches and marring on them. The top board had two scratches that really can't be covered, the side board has a spot the size of the palm of my hand where it looks like something rubbed against it until the finish almost completely came off, and the middle piece has that same problem. Perhaps those two boards somehow got rubbed together at some point on its way to my house (the box was extremely badly damaged on arrival; chunks were torn out, there was a big hole near the center, the corners were all badly smashed; we actually thought we'd have to return it without opening it, but luckily the product itself was basically intact). That was disappointing, but I did my best to hide the damaged areas.The opposite outside board also had a problem; it was coming apart from the trim piece on the corner. I was able to mostly fix it with some wood glue, but it obviously would have been better if it hadn't been broken to begin with. The little pegs that hold the shelves have a tendency to throw themselves to the floor when nobody is anywhere near the thing - maybe we have a furniture ghost? Lol. That's just inconvenient though, not a big problem. I'll probably wrap a bit of trimmed electrical tape or something around each peg to help them stay in their holes better.On the plus side, we've got six fabric storage cubes which fit absolutely perfectly on the two outside columns. We're using the middle space to store our records, and they also fit like it was made for holding them. The very center space is currently just holding a basket with some random stuff in it, but I'm sure I'll find something cute to put in there in no time. It really does look beautiful, it's just the right size to look substantial without appearing too large or taking up a bunch of floor space/visual space. It's relatively sturdy, just don't lean up against the side of it hard. I can sit my 35 pound toddler on top of it (while I hang on to him of course) and it doesn't wiggle or bow at all. Actually, we haven't had any issues with bowing at all so far, although our tv is quite light.So, if you don't want to spend a fortune, but you do want a really good looking piece of furniture which is versatile enough for practically any use you can think of, this is definitely the one to get! Just look past the possible damage or find a clever way to cover it up and this thing will look like it cost at least twice as much as it actually did. Definitely worth the money! Overall we are very happy with it and plan to buy a similar item (from a different seller though) for our son's room!

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  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • May limit the overall design or aesthetic of a room