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Review on Denon AVR X3700H Ultra Channel Receiver by Adisorn Srisawam ᠌

I am completely satisfied, item complies with description.

Despite a large block of shortcomings, if you evaluate the device not just as a product in the desert (then it just has a lot of flaws), but in comparison with other receivers on the market, the Denon x3700h is still the best or one of the best - primarily because, according to measurements one fairly well-known already tester, has some of the best sound quality among receivers in general and is completely unsurpassed for its price segment Unfortunately, a grandiose file with a defective chip let down a huge number of people who bought current rulers in 2022 in order to get support for 120Hz 4k - how Denon will solve the problem is unclear.

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Pros & cons

  • - According to independent tests, this is one of the best devices in terms of sound quality, much better than the vast majority of other models and brands - The presence of advanced level room correction. - Support for spotify and other streaming services - The presence of preouts - Of course, almost all current standards, the main thing is the atmosphere - A fairly convenient internal wizard for installing speakers - Keeping up with the times in technology . if it were not for the nuances - the device was advertised as supporting 8k and 4k 120Hz, i. E. hdmi 2.1 standard but see below
  • -The famous fakap with a chip and lack of support for hdmi 2.1, i. E. now it makes no sense to overpay for it with respect to the 3600 model, how the situation will be resolved for November 2022 is unknown. - There are preouts, but there is zero flexibility in their work. Either all on preouts or nothing. - Nightmare mobile apps. A nightmarish counter-intuitive system for working with a smartphone - although this feature is actively advertised for applications, they obviously didn’t give a damn for a long time, and how to launch the same spotify is not clear at all. The rating in the stores around the deuce speaks for itself. - in 2022, the receiver still does not understand 2560x1440 resolution at all. - high price, however, more than justified by the real quality of the device circuitry - slowness of work. everything works with a big lag, channels are switched with difficulty. Luckily, these are not too often needed functions and they are not too annoying.

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November 16, 2022
With its pros. preamp outputs. Biamp fronts in 5.2.2 datmos configuration. Cons: No. It seems to be a worthy device in its segment.
November 16, 2022
After 7.2 Pioneer vsx1131 heaven and earth by sound