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Review on Backpack XD DESIGN P705.571 black by Adam EK ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend it.

Bought the backpack in June 2022. Fell for a 2 year warranty. Upon receipt of the order, I clarified this again, they told me that the type of warranty was a year, I started arguing that they could not lower the warranty period below the manufacturer, but I realized that it was useless so far, but I made a mark for myself. A month later, the fabric at the top handle was torn, a standard problem, apparently, several people have already written about it. Tension is created in that place and it is clearly not designed for it. I wrote to the officials about this, explained the situation, said that they should take this moment into account, they said that they should contact the store and change it. But I understood that if I go now, well, they will give a replacement, it will also break. I decided to wait until the end of the year, all of a sudden, more shoals come out, they didn’t. By June 2022, I decided to contact the store (as I remember their words about the year of the guarantee), where I was gently sent. They refer to the fact that the manufacturer does not send any doents that describe what is a guarantee and therefore they give their guarantee for some elements in 50 days, and everything else for a year. Therefore, it was necessary to apply immediately after the fact. In general, I already wanted to at the level of ozpp, but I saved my nerves and strength. I turned to the manufacturer, I was contacted by officials, where people are clearly aimed at the consumer. In fact, they gave me a new backpack. I gave them the old one. The new one is slightly different (in my opinion, February 2022 production), it is sewn a little differently, some elements are different, I hope there will not be such a gap in the new one, while I go with it for a week. If anything changes, I will ate the review. The result is this - buy from official distributors, many stores that receive / resell in the left way and xd-design are trying to fight such sellers, but so far without success. By the way, the officials in 2022 also have a one-year warranty, but they want to make it 2 years. I really like the backpack, it usually holds everything you need (I even carry food with me to work), yes, sometimes it’s like a quest to cram everything evenly, but it’s worth it.

Updated 11 months ago
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My review is now complete with some photos that I have added for your convenience.


  • Materials, thoughtfulness of pockets (well, except for those on the straps), can be carried like a briefcase in hand.
  • The quality of tailoring in the upper part at the handle, the area was torn after a month of use. They replaced it with a new one, it seems to be sewn differently.