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Review on 🌱 Reusable Storage Holder: Preventing Pollution with Sustainable Solutions by Sarah Contreras

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Suitable for storage: Cosmetic bags

Since the pandemic is slowly coming to an end depending on where I live, I still sometimes need a mask. These storage bags keep my masks ready, dustproof and safe for long term storage in the car but not in my bag. They are actually a bit bigger than I need so I could store small bottles of hand sanitizer in them too. And the different colors make it easier to find. However, the pouches/envelopes themselves are tough and flimsy - they're plastic and I put them in a folder rather than keep them in my bag. It fits nicely in my glove box and I could throw it in my travel trunk. Not great but okay.

  • New in my collection
  • Weak set