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Review on Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Playstation 4 by Link Link

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good game with open world


I bought this game back when I had playstation 4, then this game was good like zelda, and it even had chances to be better, if not for the bad plot, when i played this game on playstation 5, i was immediately surprised how the graphics has become better, in the end I can say that this game on PlayStation 5 is much better than on PS4 and I recommend playing it on the new console, because your graphics and rendering are much better

there were also codes in the package, so I got a lot of new things that became easier to play with

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the game was perfect at the time when I went into it it was immediately chocolate Ivan graphics, at that time it was almost perfect, all people said that it was very good, and everyone praised it for its draw distance and many innovative things like skin texture

I was also surprised by the number of robots and enemies, there are enemies and herbivores, as well as those robots with which you can unlock the map, it looks like a giraffe, if you climb on it, you can unlock a fragment of the map, there are also bosses if you kill from it you can get upgrades and achievements

img 2 attached to Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Playstation 4 review by Link Link

3. MAP

the map is very large, there are many places to go on it, the map is not empty at all, you can even say that it is overflowing with content, which is very rare in games, because it is very expensive to do this. there are dungeons on the map, they have bosses and chests.

there are also villages on the map that are story-driven, but there are also villages that you can go to just like that, take a walk or buy new weapons or armor

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othere are about 20 different robots in the game, all of them are needed, some are needed to saddle them and move quickly, and there are those on the stab you can sit down and use as a tank or a weapon, to ride the robots you need to swing skills, and to get skills you need to swing the level, and To do this, you need to pass the game or quests


in some places the plot is bad, but somewhere it is good, I liked the initial arc the most, where Aloy was an outcast, and how she became a hunter, I liked the beginning because it is fashionable to see all the emotions and joy of the character, as well as the sadness that she experienced in childhood due to the fact that she was an outcastfurther Vasya the plot is that you need to go somewhere and do something to whiten the main boss, because of this I abandoned the game because it was boring

I want to say that not everyone will like the game, but for those who liked Zelda, they will definitely like it

  • High graphics
  • Open world
  • Detailed enemies
  • A lot of dop questions
  • A lot of fps
  • A lot of enemies
  • Bad plot
  • Game for 15 hours