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Review on G-STORY 12.5-Inch Portable Monitor with Freesync, πŸ–₯️ HDMI, Full HD 1920x1080 Resolution, and 60Hz Refresh Rate by Steve Starks

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Two-week usage feedback

This review is for anyone thinking of getting the 4k HDR version. When I first got this screen it wasn't tight on the left side AS OTHERS SPECIFIED, it's curved or curved so it doesn't sit flush with the console creating a noticeable gap. from the console to the left holding the screen. The screen has many issues with the operating system, from recognition issues to image quality issues, meaning you'll have to play around with the settings a lot to get the perfect image at the right quality, and even then you could do just fine Picture or video of everything you've done, because a small change can reset everything. The durability of a travel item like this screen I wouldn't risk taking it to many places. He's quite fragile. I mean it's literally a screen and it's going to take on the console's influence as it completely surrounds it except in front. Screen time issue: I had it for about two weeks and the first week I struggled with vertical lines that showed up very small when playing games, very faded at first but visible, I haven't traveled with it, I didn't even close the screen on the console. In the second week, those green lines turned into a full green screen, noting that this happens during long gaming sessions, a little over 2 hours, sometimes less, and then happens every random minute, and the area where the buttons are , gets too hot to touch (even if the console is in a very well ventilated area). The lines go away when you turn the screen off and on again, there is no other REAL solution without messing up the settings over and over again and probably going back to zero, so it's a manufacturing defect, most likely an internal ribbon cable. This screen still has a lot of potential but will ask for a replacement as a green screen every 2 minutes or so isn't worth what I paid for it. The game has started! Update: About a week after the first review they contacted me and said I had almost 3 options1. Replace monitor 2nd half refund and keep what I have Returned for a full refund I ended up returning it Turns out they knew this was happening to their monitors They became unreliable and eventually felt they could do better could be

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  • Great image quality but I don't use it as often as I would like.
  • Limited shelf life