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Review on QGGQDD 3 Pack High Waisted Biker Shorts for Women – 5" Buttery Soft Black Workout Yoga Athletic Shorts: Ultimate Comfort and Style by Denise Davis

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QGGQDD Waisted for home use - all pros and cons about this

When I saw the new product, I was very happy that such shorts could be purchased at Faberlik. I really want to hide my little tummy. But what about sizes? Nothing is clear there. I wear 48, I measured, as it was said, and it turned out that L fits, there is also a few cm left in reserve. So I waited for my parcel, the box (packaging) was large 25-30 cm. First I read all the instructions. How to wear them correctly, when not to wear them, and how much to wear! instructions: you won’t believe it, I took these shorts out of the package, and they are for a 6-year-old girl, they are so small, just awful And how to put them on yourself, according to the instructions, you first had to insert your legs and then pull them on, I did just that, I want to say that the material is good, but it is difficult to pull on, although my size was. there are elastic bands on the bottom of them so that they do not ride up, so when you put them on, they sit well. when you pull it on, then this elastic at the top, I think it should be on the stomach, so it is very tight! I barely pulled it on. And they stretch up to the chest. I didn’t take pictures of myself in these shorts, it was terrible. Flaws: 1. they are not up to the knees, but higher 2. very difficult to put on 3. Do not wear under clothes. I put it on under a dress, it’s just below the knee, so they are visible when walking, It’s also bad under jeans, these elastic bands protrude, I put them on under trousers, it’s bad, you seem even thicker, and the lower elastic bands protrude again, they really drag your legs! Here's another minus, I put on without panties, as everyone wrote that it was underwear, so what do you think, the root is hanging, which killed me at all! And if you pull these shorts normally, then these elastic bands pull them to the floor like a hat! so I wore it under my underwear. I went to them for 8 hours, normally. The bad thing is that in order to go to the toilet, you need to pull it all off, and then put it back on for about 3 minutes! About the result: my legs didn’t drag, it seemed to me even more in these shorts, my stomach and sides too. Only this is where this tight elastic band is, I pulled it on my stomach, then it began to seem a little smaller. Aah, that's the good thing, when you sit in them, the tummy doesn't protrude much. Here's how small they are! By the way, the priest is made, separately!

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