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Review on Renewed Limited Edition Logitech G933 Artemis Wireless Virtual Surround Gaming Headset with Enhanced SEO by Chia Hao ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

In the dry residue: - the sound in stereo mode is excellent, if you set it up; - the sound in the virtual surround mode is excellent; - the microphone is normal; - the headphones are comfortable and wireless, so you should not forget to charge them; - backlight and buttons are stupid; - replaceable ear pads are ordered for 650. That is, as a universal wireless device for listening to music and games, these headphones perform perfectly. Regarding the comments "Enabled 7.1 - in PUBG the sound is like a bucket! 11" - PUBG does not support anything other than stereo. A constantly ated list of games that support surround: http://satsun. Org/audio/

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  • 1. Suddenly (for a gaming, and even a wireless headset) - sound. It's just amazing, especially considering the price. With a small adjustment of the equalizer (see the pictures attached to the review), you can get rid of the bass that hits the head and the squealing highs, and get a more or less even frequency response, suitable for comfortable listening to music. SteelSeries Siberia 650, which I used before, didn’t know how to play like that, don’t twist the equalizer. 2. Volume. The headset is very, very loud. If you turn the sound in Windows to 100%, on the device itself, by 35%, the sound will be almost unbearably loud. 3. Long range provided by the radio channel. Scenarios like "go out on the balcony for a smoke during a Skype meeting" work with a bang. Separately, I note that the sound remains stable even if the infernal ASUS PCE-AC88 antennas stick out right next to the transmitter. 4. Comfortable fit. Headphones easily fit on a large head (I have just such a one) and at the same time do not put pressure on the lair. The cups are very large, the ears are placed inside entirely. 5. High-quality, according to the interlocutors, the microphone. 6. Very, very good positioning in games that support 5.1 and 7.1 audio. 7. Good software that even supports separate equalizer and sound type settings for different applications. 8. Charge via a simple microUSB cable. Can be charged and used at the same time, yes.
  • 1. Sound. The sound is strongly and clearly embellished. The DAC/amplifier built into the headphones seems to be trying to extract the maximum information from the musical material, which does not always sound natural. Do you know what bad HDR looks like, "pulled out" with the help of smartphone software from one window? The one with super-bright colors, halos around the edges of contrasting objects, and noise in the shadows? That's about this type of sound headphones and gravitate. Most people like it, the rest turn the equalizer in an attempt to appease the electronic blockhead. And it works out quite well. 2. Design. For schoolchildren. Who needs a backlight on the headphones, if it is still not visible during use, and there is no mirror in the kit? 3. Inconvenient buttons. If the location of the volume wheel is easily determined, then finding the right, exactly the right button is already a problem. 4. Long exit from standby mode. If the headphones went into the slip, they will come out of it for 5-6 seconds. For some situations, for example, when they call you on Skype for work, this is a long time. Especially if the caller is not very patient. 5. High power consumption in sleep mode. If you forgot to turn off your headphones before going to bed, for example, and they automatically went into standby mode, there is a 90% chance that they will be completely dead by morning. In other words, do not use - cut them to death. 6. Harsh mesh ear pads. The mesh is tough and large, it can rub the skin if the apartment is hot, it perfectly collects dust and dirt from the skin. How to clean it is not clear. The ear pads themselves, by the way, are removable.

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November 16, 2022
Has some pros one). Sound (bass, surround sound). 2). Build quality 3). Soft four). Landing on the head 5). Battery Some cons: one). The micro could have been better 2). Personally, I liked the leather ear pads, as in the G930.

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