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Review on Google Pixel 2 XL Phone Case Ringke Fusion Crystal Transparent Drop Protection Cover Clear by Candace Parker

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Solid case. It is a must-have if you bought the Panda version of the Pixel 2 XL.

Got the version with smoky black edges and I'm very happy about this case. I had specific things I was looking for in a case.For one, it had to be slim. The Pixel 2 XL is a large phone and adding any significant amount of bulk was a no-go.I wanted something clear because I wanted to show off the Panda design. It's awesome. I also wanted transparent (but not clear cause that looks weird) edges because the orange button is the best part.The sides and back needed to provide good grip so I wouldn't be worried about slippage, etc.And I really wanted a kickstand. Without that (no clear case seems to have that), I needed a case with a solid enough and smooth enough back that could support a Spigen ring or pop-socket. It can't have any kind of oleo-phobic coating or anything, or it would not stick long term. This also made textured backs less desirable.And then, most important, it had to provide good protection for the phone. That meant I needed a case that went around the entire perimeter of the phone and also had some overhang on the front to elevate the screen. This eliminated most of the slim cases right there. The edge material had to be strong enough to withstand a drop but soft enough that you don't break your phone trying to fit it on.So overall this case hits on all those points perfectly. I love the way my phone looks with it on, but I've also dropped it twice already and have had no problems. Another detail to mention that I didn't think about until trying another case that didn't have this. the cutouts on the back have partially tapered edges. That really makes a difference on the feel and on keeping the back clean. Without it, the cutouts seem to gather dirt more quickly.If I had to put something on the con side of the list, I would say the back does retain smudges more than I like. But that was a necessary trade-off to begin with and doesn't actually made the phone look bad unless the light catches it just right.

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  • Basic Case
  • Might not protect the phone from extreme weather conditions

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