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Review on Honor Magic Earbuds: Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Case for iOS and Android Devices (Blue) by Kio Voltero Webb

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In general, it's pretty good, an equal number of pros and cons.

I can’t understand for sure yet, but in my opinion the headphones have problems with the battery or the box. But the charge, even at the very beginning, was not kept for very long. With noise canceling, they probably won’t work for an hour. After more than a year of use, I can say that they are not worth the money at all. The battery is just the bottom in them, the distortion between the left and right ear has increased over time (the right one discharges noticeably faster than the left 20-30% difference) Despite the fact that they work so little. After a month of use, another jamb appeared - the earpiece may not charge when put into the case. What is connected is not clear, and I tried to clean the contacts and checked the case for a charge. You just put it in a case in the evening, and in the morning you have a conference in the discord and 20% on your ears all of a sudden, the top is simple! A scourge with self-discharge has already been described by many here, such as a firmware ate "solves" it, after this ate I had problems with the connection, they connect without problems, but they can fall off now suddenly with a half charge from the laptop, which is a meter away from me. The cake is that I bought myself freebuds 3i and the SAME problems, the current battery lasts longer. Total - there is only a normal sound and the connection management between devices works tolerably, but as I wrote above, there are a lot of unpleasant jambs. More from honor I will not buy ears

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  • I liked everything very much - sound, connection and noise reduction. Everything worked perfectly, compared to other wireless ears, it's just super. They sit perfectly in the ears, a good case with magnets, the headphones fly into the grooves for charging at a time. The sound is not distorted, you can listen to music normally, the plastic is pleasant, of high quality. Touch buttons, there is an earpiece removal detector. There are no complaints about functionality. About the connection management, I’ll say separately, it’s just super done, it switches between different devices at a time, just on request from the device itself - you need to transfer from the phone to the computer in 3 clicks without taking it out of your ears, literally a couple of seconds.
  • I don’t know, but how I took the ears a few years ago, which are now new, the jamb remained with the fact that if the phone is in your pocket, the sound can easily be interrupted. This jamb is not in the room, you can see the signal needs to be reflected from something. On the street, of course, it pisses you off, either put the phone in your backpack, or sometimes listen to the plugs. Battery is very small and runs out quickly.

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March 01, 2023
Its pros: - Sound quality - Noise reduction - Design - Ergonomics Has cons: Sometimes they do not connect to the phone and you need to perform some manipulations with the case.
March 01, 2023
Its pros: Decent sound for the money. Has cons: There are no critical ones.

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