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Review on πŸ”‡ Quiet Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes - Deep Tissue Muscle Back Neck Head Body Shoulder Massager Tools for Pain Relief by Randy Hunnicutt

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Massage Percussion Very cool massage: the whole truth about this product

Good day everyone! Usually in reviews I tell what I bought myself. But my husband was also not left without a gift for the new year. He was presented with a new massager from Gezatone - percussion. At first, when we saw the box, we decided that it was a drill - it is very similar in appearance. Yes, and the box is so black, strict, made in such a laconic masculine design, I would say. But no, it turned out to be a massager. I must say, I am a lover of various devices, but I saw this for the first time. And what kind of massage is this, percussion? It turns out that percussion massage is a type of massage that differs in technique. With this massage, a series of quick strokes is made, penetrating deeply into soft tissues, thereby reducing muscle pain and repairing damaged tissues. Such a massage can be done in a classic way, that is, a masseur does it with his hands, or you can use a special percussion gun (this is how such a massager is called), which was invented by a doctor from the USA. And yes, this doctor was inspired by a drill! After reading about such massagers on the Internet, I was very impressed with the gift. My husband has constant muscle spasms in his back, which are very difficult to wash with his hands, so this massager came in handy for us. I'll tell you more about it. The body of the massager looks like a screwdriver, black with a handle. On the one hand there is a connector for nozzles, on the other for connecting a charger and a power button. Control of the same power button - each press switches the speed. The device is powered by a battery, the charging time is only three hours, that is, you do not need to leave it all night. While the battery is charging, the red indicator is on, after charging it is green. The set includes four nozzles: a round nozzle is designed for massaging large muscles (it works out the calf muscles perfectly, it should be noted), nozzle fork for neck and back massage, nozzle "bullet" for the joint (never used), The flat head is suitable for all muscle groups. A detailed instruction in Russian is attached to the massager. The instructions have diagrams of the muscles on the body, as well as programs for working out each of them. Very comfortably! The device has six speeds, which allows you to choose the optimal intensity option. The massager can be driven to drive muscles, or you can point to a painful place. If the muscle is spasmodic, then the sensations during the massage can be very noticeable, even painful. So I have with the calf muscles. I couldn't stand the first massage session for 15 minutes, I asked my husband to stop, although we worked at the lowest speed. But then I got used to it and the muscles began to hurt less. Of the minuses, it is necessary to cancel that it is not always possible to massage yourself. For example, you can't make your own neck and back. And the buttocks, to be honest, are not very comfortable. You need someone to help you. Also, the massager is not light weight - about a kilogram. It’s normal for a man, but my hand gets tired quickly when I massage my husband. I recommend this massager to everyone. If you play sports, then it will help you relieve pain if you overdo it in training. This happens to me sometimes. This massager can disperse lactic acid from a sore muscle for a sweet soul. All office workers who have stagnation in the shoulder girdle will also like this thing.

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  • High-quality, powerful, effective, relaxes muscles, relieves pain
  • Hard to hold with one hand