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Review on Psychonauts 2 by Rashid Alizada

An unknown but legendary game of recent years

A voyage into the human brain by opening a doorway to it. solving and assisting individuals with their mental problems, or manipulating it to suit our own needs and ambitions. Isn't it hard to conceive about, accept, and believe in such a thing? If you wish you had that capability, don't worry; Psychonauts 2 provides you that ability. For anyone who are considering playing Psychonauts 2, I have some suggestions. Because Psychonauts 2 describes the events that happened immediately after the original game, you must have recently played Psychonauts 1 if you want to experience Psychonauts 2 to the fullest. Actually, the first game's events are briefly summarized in a little film that can be found in the second game, but sadly, it lacks depth and only covers the first game. If we count the side characters, there are around 10 major characters in the first game, making a total of 25 characters. This number can increase to 40 when the second game's characters are included. You can get lost if you don't know the names of these people or who they are from the first game because there are a lot of cutscenes and roughly 25 characters are involved in the tale. There are also a lot of subtle and huge references to the original game's events, and if you don't understand them, you can be confused here, which will dramatically decrease how much you like the game. I don't want to discuss the game's looks, gameplay, or mechanics because they are all true works of art. If you are interested in these topics, you have probably already read about them and developed an opinion in many reviews. What I want to discuss is the game's narrative, which is built on the errors individuals make and the justifications and defenses they give themselves for these errors.

Although the game has only been released for a year, it is so fun that I have finished the game 2 times now, so I won.

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Pros & cons

  • Although the game is not as well known as other big games, I think it is a legendary game.
  • The number of characters is sufficient for me, and the story is so good that it is possible to play for hours without getting bored.
  • No bad side