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Review on Vibrant & Charming: JUXINSU Toddler Rainbow Cartoon SH6219 Fuchsia Girls' Clothing by Laura Huddleston

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very cute and well made, but very small

I got "Dress Rainbow Flowers Butterfly" in blue. I have seen this dress as a recommended item several times when looking at other cute little girl dresses. I finally decided to do it. This is a very pretty dress with the same playful vibe as the product photos, bright colors and 100% cotton in a good fabric thick enough to withstand many socks. But beware, it works very little. Definitely take more than you need and then scale it up again. Size: I saw a review that said it runs small. I bought this for my daughter who is 3 and 4 years old (she will be 4 in a few months) and I have a size 4-5T which is usually in the 4-5 size range for most brands. When the package arrived and I opened it, I was so sad. I could see both the good quality of the dress and the small size, and I knew she would already be small. I thought I would buy something that was a little big for her and she would grow into it, but instead I bought a dress that she had already outgrown. She has a little sister who will be 2 years old in a few weeks and size 4-5T fits a 1 year old girl. It's a little loose but doesn't look too big or anything. So I wanted it to fit the big sister. I think I had to grow 3 years or 3 T! They have a size chart but since it was in centimeters it was hard for me to read. After receiving the super small dress I compared it to my 3 year old girl and she is on the big end of the range listed for size 4-5T so I think if you measure your child before buying then use those Size chart as Well, then increase the size after using the size chart, you will be ok. Quality: The dress is very beautiful. I'm always nervous when I buy clothes online because I can't feel the fabric to see if it's thin or look at the stitching and sometimes things don't look that great in person. Well this dress is a real winner in everything. The rainbow over the shoulder is screen printed, each color is applied with a different screen printed colour. This is not the iron that is becoming more common in clothes that fade or peel. A screen printed rainbow is real and should last as long as fabric and as many washes as I can imagine. The actual fabric of the dress has a good weight. It's a respectable t-shirt weight, which can be a Hanes unisex overshirt (not thin like a t-shirt), and great quality. Butterflies and flowers are made of fabric and appliqued to the dress to make them durable again and keep their color with long time use. The rainbow striped sleeves appear to be yarn-dyed jersey and have good density to match the dress. All seams are designed to match the dress. The seams are sewn together, then the edges are sewn together to prevent the edges from fraying. The neck has a piping that closes the edge so the fabric edges don't stick out. The sleeves and hem of the skirt are turned up and topstitched so the edges of the fabric don't stick out. Everything is neatly finished, the seams are neatly finished. A very thin rubber band is sewn into the waistband. It is not enough and I think it is necessary to fold the upper part of the skirt a little and shape it. How it looks: It's as bright and cute as the product photos. As I said, the materials are of good quality and processed in such a way that they do not fade. It looks amazing on day one and should withstand a lot of wear and washing while remaining bright and whimsical. If you like the look online, then the dress will go with it in person. Price: Now it's between ten and fourteen dollars, depending on the size. The quality is there and it's worth it. This is a much better deal than clothes from big department stores in this price range, or even more expensive big brands that tend to be made from fabric that is too thin or lousy polyester blends. This dress is beautiful and well tailored to withstand a lot of pressure from kids and many washes over and over again. Washing: This is 100% cotton and runs small. I dry everything on a rope, but for that if it somehow puts itself in a tumble dryer and then even a one-year-old child wouldn't do it. I would be devastated. You should definitely check other reviews to check whether it's pre-shrunk or not when choosing a size. However, it is low-maintenance. The butterflies that are sewn onto the skirt are where their wings come out of the fabric, but there is nothing to snag on. He doesn't even need a zippered mesh laundry bag. It can match anything else. Since I have blue paint that tends to bleed, and because I always try to look for color bleed when I do a review, I did the first wash in a bucket to see if the color bled. I am happy to report that the dye stains quickly and is safe to apply directly to your white clothing. Overall it's so cute and the quality is obvious. Highly recommend if you or the girl you're getting it for like it. However, it works very little. Size 4-5 fits my 1 year old but not my 3 year old who I bought it for. I think the size chart is accurate and I would suggest using that size chart and then increasing it a bit. A child can fit into a loose dress, but not into a tight one.

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  • Love the color and it's soft. True to size. Got size 5 for 5 years. Only the button on the back is broken.
  • One wash will reduce this dress by at least 2 sizes, no quality materials. I am a very disappointed customer!