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Review on Men'S Full Body Stretch Fabric Suit By AltSkin: Comfort And Style Combined by Allison White

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Most photographed costume on Halloween

In a year when my 8th grade son might have "outgrown" Halloween, he managed to put together the coolest costume after we stumbled on the Morphsuit website. He became the most photographed costume as we walked through our town's main street and went trick or treating with his brother's friends. Yes, he wore the morphsuit, and was comfortable with it fully on, all night. He wore a thin athletic shirt underneath it for warmth and to be able to unzip and roll it down to the waist later in the night, but was comfortable with his face and hands covered most of the night.Fit is key to a morphsuit -- consult the company website for a grid that helps you select size. My son is average build, about 5'5"-5'6" and was comfortable in the XS. I am 5'4" and 120 lb and could fit the same size. The height of the suit was comfortable enough that he did not have the groin issues many wearers do (read elsewhere). Another reviewer said the length of theirs was short so they cut off the feet, but we sized large enough to not have that issue. My son had no odd fitting issues with fingers too tight or anything like that, nor did the suit "bag." It really did fit him like second skin.Fabric: the fabric is a thin, slippery nylon knit. It is light enough that my son wore a thin athletic shirt under it to not be cold (Halloween in NE), but it is NOT see through. The fabric is high quality -- after a night of rowdy wear, there are no tears or snags. It is VERY slippery. Adults who need to be functional have commented that it's slippery enough that you can't do anything with your hands (careful grip on your cell phone!), but my son wore black knit raver gloves* over his hands so it wasn't an issue. (Want some fun? Watch someone try to get up off a wood/marble floor wearing one of these suits.) If I had any design suggestion, I'd add a hidden slit at the wrist so you had the option to take your hands out. My son dealt with it by rolling the suit down to his waist so he could have his arms out; he wasn't irritated by having his hands trapped and wasn't tempted to cut or modify to have his hands out.Want to accessorize? Cheat and copy my son. He wore a black top hat (inexpensive felt party/costume hat bought through amazon), black sneakers and "blacked-out raver gloves*" (these are black knit gloves with LED lights in the tips). He wanted to add a black bowtie and his cousin shot him with silly string. I called him "pixelated man;" he called himself "I am the party."I really can't recommend morphsuits enough as a costume option, especially for tween-teens.*Not sure if this link will work, but if you are curious about those black raver gloves, try this:

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  • The Men's Full Body Stretch Fabric Suit by AltSkin provides unmatched comfort and flexibility, allowing for a full range of motion
  • May not provide enough support for physical activities or workouts