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Review on OUNSHLI Portable Monitor with 1920X1080P, Flicker-Free Display, Tilt Adjustment, and Built-In Speakers - ONS-P15A by Doll Nagabothu

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good portable monitor

I wanted to add a better monitor to my wife's 2012 Mac mini, and here it is. We were using a standard but older Acer monitor and it was time to upgrade to 16 x 9, HD 1080P. Out of the box, the 15.6-inch screen is mounted in a sturdy, fabric-lined, foldable hard-shell case that doubles as a desk stand. Also included is a mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a 5-volt power adapter. I was pleased to see the 8 ½” x 5 ½” 8 page instruction manual with connections and illustrations; relieved not to see mini instructions for many of the newest products I've reviewed. At first glance, it contains various connection options and illustrations. I read the manuals and was ready to install. I started preparing the cables and removed the old display. Since the Mac mini has a FireWire port that was used for the old monitor, and that monitor didn't come with a FireWire cable, I decided to use an HDMI cable for the connection, probably the best option. For some computers and popular smartphones and tablets, you will most likely use a USB-C cable. I connected the standard HDMI end to the Mac Mini and the other end to the monitor's mini HDMI port. I was connected! However, after reading the manual, I had some connection questions. Basically, I wasn't sure if the monitor needed the included power supply, it wasn't clear in the instructions. I suspected that an external power supply was required, although I don't like guessing when setting up the hardware. I connected the power adapter to the mini USB-C port with the cable going to the monitor and hoped for the best. Within a second, my Mac desktop appeared on the new monitor with a very sharp, crisp, and vibrant color image. See attached photos and videos with animations made by me. The monitor has worked well so far. Some problems and observations I tried accessing the monitor settings via the menu button in the bottom left corner of the display. Press and hold the menu button to open the monitor settings, which you can adjust, e.g. B. Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Color & Tint, Tone and more, controls available on most monitors. But then the instructions let me down. For example, I could select the brightness, but I had trouble changing the settings with the + and - buttons as described in the manual. The screen tells you to work with the settings using the > and < symbols, but the manual doesn't mention the > and < symbols. I found that the + and - buttons next to the menu button are used to access the on-screen > and < buttons to change settings. However, after repeated attempts, I was never able to easily access the numerous settings. Then I tried to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy A11 phone but it didn't work even though A11 wasn't on the compatibility list. I then planned to test it with my 8th gen Apple iPad and Apple iPhone 6s, but it didn't come with an Apple Lightning cable or cable adapter to connect it. My next test was on a Dell Windows 10 laptop with HDMI. cable, and the monitor worked properly. While on youtube I heard the audio through its speakers and it sounded good. I then tried using the new monitor to view a text document while working in OBS Studio (a streaming application) on the laptop's display (the two displays worked independently). You enable this feature by selecting "Extend these displays" under "Multiple" in the Windows display settings. At first I couldn't get it to work. But after playing around with the settings, I was able to view the text file on the new monitor by launching the OBS Studio editor on the laptop's display. However, I could not get the monitor to work independently of my desktop PC. Then I wondered why I didn't see the power button and to my surprise there isn't one on the monitor. As far as I know, the only way to turn off the device is to unplug the power adapter. I think it needs an ON/OFF switch. Now for the problem I found with this sturdy case and lid. If you mount the display vertically by moving the bottom in front of one of the three raised stops to keep it upright, it can easily slide out, causing the monitor to fall. You'll need to add some sort of lock to the raised block to keep it in place. Unfortunately I was not able to give the product 5 stars due to manual issues and my confusion about the power supply and settings menu requirements.

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  • Very good value for money
  • Limited upgrade option