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Review on VIGBODY Indoor Cycling Bike For Cardio Workout With LCD Monitor And Comfortable Seat Cushion - Perfect For Home Training Biking by Robert Fulce

Revainrating 2 out of 5

NOT like the ones at the gym.

Like many of us, Covid has me trapped in the house gaining weight. I missed really going to town at the gym in my indoor cycling class and knew a regular stationary or recumbent bike wouldn't cut it for me because I wanted to do sprints and jumps, not just sit and pedal while reading a book. I was thrilled to find this one being sold Used (Very Good) on revain! So, take the review with a grain of salt, because my Used bike could be messed up somehow.but I'm not terribly impressed.The Assembly: Mine didn't include an instruction manual, and I was nervous to put something with moving parts together, something that would be supporting my body, without a guide. Customer Service was fairly hard to track down but I emailed support06@520gym.com and got instant help in the form of a PDF guide! The the handlebar and seat posts needed some WD40 to get situated and still stick quite a bit when I'm trying to adjust them, but I'd say it was "kind of" easy to get the whole thing put together myself in the living room.The Ride: Well. This is what I have the big issue with. I'm used to my gym's bikes, which are Lemond RevMasters. Those run about $1400 easy, so that's out of the question. They're MUCH heavier and sturdier than this VIGBODY. I felt like the pedals on my new bike were going to snap when I stood up (I'm 5'7" and pushing 200lbs right now) but they did hold my weight. The cages on the pedals seem pretty small but the pedals have grips so I can just keep my feet outside of them.I followed a 20 minute Kaleigh Cohen Cycling video on YouTube (highly recommend, btw) and the bike frankly made me nervous. When I stood up for the jumps, the WHOLE bike basically did a wheelie and came up off the floor every time. Granted, I'm really out of shape and probably not very graceful at the moment but still it really shouldn't be doing that. The seat, even though it is firmly and correctly attached, still waggles up and down. Again, when I stood up, the seat kind of came up a bit and clanked back down.And worst of all, and probably most dangerous, the felt resistance pad did not impress me at all. Once again, upon standing (and popping a wheelie and having the seat clank and rattle behind me) the resistance was "herky jerky" if you know what I mean. There was no graceful gliding in circles for my feet, it was almost like stamping each one roughly down. Cycling isn't exactly an easy, low intensity exercise but it's not supposed to jerk your legs like that or you can easily damage your knees. Again, I have a Used (Very Good) bike, so maybe something is very bad with my particular unit but.if that's what happens when you lightly use this product, then buyer beware.Overall, I want to say it's fine if you're really new to indoor cycling and don't really do jumps, but I honestly think it's a safety issue with the resistance pad making my knees jerk suddenly like that. If a bike at the gym was doing that, I'd bring it to the staff's attention so they could quickly take it out of service so no one got hurt, so I can't actually recommend anyone purchase a product that could cause real damage to their joints.

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  • Nada q envidiar a otras marcas en el mercado y por el precio que tiene le eleva más el valor!!
  • The seat cushion may not be comfortable for everyone and may cause discomfort during long workouts

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