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Review on Danca Stretch Canvas Light Girls' Shoes for Enhanced Flexibility by Robert Johnson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The outsole takes these flats to the next level!

This is the fourth canvas ballerina I've worn in the six years that I've returned to ballet at an advanced age (returning after 25 years). This is the best so far! I love the soles of these shoes. I wanted to love my Capezio Hanami because it hugged my feet and was very soft and stretchy with no gaps or wrinkles. But the soles of this shoe were too convex and thick, which disturbed the balance and gait. Slippers solve this problem. Although the soles are still thicker, they are flatter, not curved, and don't affect my balance or gait. The sole is also wider and larger than the typical teardrop shape of many ballet shoes, providing more support and the ability to maintain balance without rolling your foot. This shoe is very well made, not as soft as the Capezio Hanamis but still hugs my foot and fits well without too many gaps or wrinkles. The heel sits perfectly, not too low and not too high on the arch of the foot. The sides of this shoe are a bit higher than I'm used to or would like, but it's really too thin to make much of a difference. My legs are my strength in my body and my high instep and arches overcome this extra shoe material. I love that the crossed elastic straps on this shoe are wide and supportive, but not too tight like my Hanamis and Russian Vivantes pointe shoes. They are soft but offer enough traction. The inside of this shoe is very comfortable and minimalist, no annoying materials rub against the foot. The elastic band around this shoe hugs the foot nicely and ensures a secure fit. This shoe fits my wide foot very well which tapers sharply towards the heel (I have a fan shaped foot with Egyptian pointed toes). I wear size 7 and size 5.5 C fits me snug and good in it. I tried size 6C and there was too much material left in the toe box. I'm glad I didn't shrink down to a size 5 as that would be too small. 5.5 suits me! I've also ordered them nude for something else (I don't perform on stage anymore, I just do dance impromptu and machine work or the occasional ballet in my slippers) and I love the color. I confess that I ordered these slippers from a different store than Walmart.com as they always sell out in my size and the long wait is annoying. I had to wait almost a month for a size 6 only to find out that it was too big and a size 5.5 was out of stock. So I gave up and found another online store that had them. I'm just amazed at how much better my balance and swings are in these shoes compared to my previous shoes. These shoes don't feel tight or overly restrictive and they fit my wide feet very well and fit great overall! I really don't see how any other shoe can improve on what this shoe offers for me other than the same features with a slightly lower profile on the side of the shoe? I will definitely stay with them for a while!

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  • Queda perfecto, llego a tiempo, buen material
  • The price may be too high for some customers