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Review on Leaper Coffee Cross Body Messenger Sling Shoulder Bag - L For Men And Women by Christi Lewis

Revainrating 4 out of 5

"anti theft " is a stretch but a decent, well made bag for the price

I was pleasantly surprised with the decent quality of the bag, I personally don't like the material much based on the way it feels but most bags are like that and it's all thick and high quality, should hold up to every day use for awhile.On the note of anti theft however, I must say the lock may function as a deterrent in some situations, like if you're at work and worried about someone rummaging through your bag but not ballsy enough to take the whole thing, or cut it open with a knife, but the bag is canvas, a cheap everyday pocket knife could easily cut it right open if someone really wanted to get in the secured pocket and the bag is small enough to easily grab and run with. It's not completely useless, it gives a bit of peace of mind for me at work, that's not even why I bought it though, but don't expect this to completely protect your belongings and leave it laying around, if an actual thief and not just a shady coworker or student who notices your bag in a camera Blindspot at work/school wants what's in your bag, they will absolutely just cut it open and or take the whole bag and cut it open at home, it's not a safe, just a minor deterrence. Just think about that if you really need an anti theft bag, something better would probably have a alarm you can activate with a key fob if someone runs off with it, or a gps tracker installed you can track with your phone. Both of which you can probably just buy and put on any bag.As for durability, I can't give it a full 5 stars yet because. I want this bag to last and I'm not gonna give it a full stress test, the important thing to me in durability is how long it's going to hold up to regular use and I'm not going to know that after one day of taking it to work. It feels durable, I'll give it that, all the zippers and handles and straps feel secure, no loose threads, nothing feels like it might break off for no reason, was actually surprised how durable it appears to be, which is why I gave it 4 stars from the get go.I won't be updating most likely unless negative, so if you see it's been 6 months and I haven't come back and complained about durability, consider it 5 stars.

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  • It's good
  • Too heavy even when empty