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Review on Cleancult Eucalyptus Tea Tree Foaming Hand Soap Refills - 32Oz, 3 Pack - Nourishing Coconut-Derived Foam Soap With Aloe - Paraben & Phthalate Free by Jeff Diaz

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Loved everything about this, but the original scent. Not bad, but not exactly pleasing to me.

I ordered this before I was really thinking, and I realized that I needed a foaming dispenser to use it properly. I am sure you could use it without, but, it just wouldn't be the same! So, I ordered a dispenser (actually two very reasonably priced 16 ounce ones) here on ebay. That shipped to me in about a week, and then I filled up one of the dispensers with this product. The Eucalyptus Tea Tree scent is what was available to me to review. I was very pleased with the product in terms of how it dispensed in a very nice usable foam, with body, that went where I put it, and rubbed in nicely. My hands felt clean and washed after its use. I am happy with this! (It obviously doesn't take too much to make me happy these days!) My hands feel average moisturized, but at least they do not feel dry afterwards. The only thing I did notice is that the scent wasn't exactly very pleasing. clean smelling, yes. Not perfumy, yes. I guess I am just used to walking away from the sink with a little bit of floral or fresh scent on my hands to carry with me to the next place I go! This just kind of smelled a bit faintly industrial to me, and the tea tree (not the greatest scent) kind of stood out the most. Sooo, I grabbed some of my essential oil, the closest to me was Frankincense, and added a few drops to the mix, just enough to smell over the top of the supplied product, and this worked out very well! The original smell is neutral enough, thankfully, that adding more scent of your own works and does not clash. I have since noticed that these soaps do come in different scents, so if I were to ever get more (and I think this alone will last me a very long time) I now know that these different scents are available! Overall, a good buy that should last a while.

  • Skin Care
  • The 32-oz size is too bulky and difficult to handle for some users