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Review on Keracolor Clenditioner - Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Dye And Color-Depositing Conditioner In 20 Vibrant Shades by Hunter Feerey

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You actually don’t need a YouTube tutorial to get a decent result!

I’m not one to dye my hair. But it’s like Coronavirus Color Challenge since I can’t go to the salon.My hair comes in a mousey-blonde naturally, then lightens to almost platinum on its own in the sun. So I usually just get highlights to deal with the darker blonde color at my roots.It’s been months. I was like whatever, I’ll try something new - it’s not like anyone will see it. I’ve always liked Kelly Osbourne’s hair. I didn’t know how to do it without making my hair fall out.so I started with a box dye, One you’d get from CVS and did a whole head color of light/ash blonde. I didn’t bleach it.too scared. The box dye lightened me up a bit, but the roots looked orange-brassy.Still feeling a mess.I decided to go for the pink look. I saw the reviews and pics for this product and was like "meh, this will washout.” Why not!?I DID put it everywhere the first time, following the instructions to apply it to wet hair. It was easy to apply, it’s just like a conditioning mask texture. Doesn’t drip. Kinda’ idiot proof that way. Anyhow, it produced a nice light color - not quite as bold as I thought - but I enjoyed it and my hair was soft and various colors of pink. I did it! Gold star!Then I got greedy for more cowbell! .I mean pink. So I took everyone’s advice and ran through that process again - wet hair, rinse, and blow dry. Not bad! It looked a TAD darker and I was pleased.Honestly, I don’t have thick hair or much of it but I suck at getting ALL my hair covered with the conditioner and I had blotches. I could use a friend to get that stuff everywhere. I did use a comb throughout application. I’m not patient enough to apply it differently in certain areas and blah blah blah So.yeah that’s why it’s blotchy. My fault. But it does comb through nicely without tangling - if your worried about your hair being a tumbleweed, that’s not gonna’ happen.Ok Ok .Scrooge McDucked it the next morning because when I woke up the next day, I put a room full of coins you can dive in amount of it on my DRY hair. I let it sit for probably an hour. Mind you, despite having naturally blonde/light hair (and since I didn’t bleach it) nothing really tends to "sticks” to my hair very well. Even permanent dye from the salon washes out of my hair in a few days!Anyway! These pics are from the rinse off after the DRY application. By the way, the bottle is huge-or a little goes a long way. I think doing this 3 times on my full head of hair I probably still have 75% of the bottle left.Also, It doesn’t smell heinous. Actually, it’s got an enjoyable maybe sweet-floral sent. HOWEVER, You WILL get a little "burn” if you let it touch your face/forehead for a tad too long. Oops! It goes away quickly.And yes, will also get pink hands if you’re like me and take like an hour to get the stuff in your hair. I just used a magic eraser and some alcohol/nail polish and warm soap and water and it came right off.Again, My hair is still very soft. In fact, I would say since using this, my fine hair has had fewer and fewer little rats-nest tangles in it from just daily wear (wind, chores, lipstick getting in it - cement last week - look, I said I’m a mess).I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my hair with this, since I sent pics of it to my pals who actually wouldn’t have seen it if it sucked because Coronavirus! Yay!It seems like it will rinse out within a month - for me - probably much sooner. But as it rinses out, it also seems like it will look decent - maybe NOT a mess. If it’s kinda’ meh, I was thinking of trying a peachy color.Final note: even if you’re not one of those people that are good with hair and makeup and girl-stuff, you CAN manage this. It’s just like a regular conditioner you’d have in your shower - except it dyes your hair. Also, I didn’t find it stained my sink or shower. I don’t even think it stained the little "hair towel turban” I used to flip it up when I let it sit. Maybe slightly pink? No more than if a brush full of makeup fell on it. (Yes FULL of makeup - I usually look like Harley Quinn when I "try” makeup so.yeh, a brush full). It’ll prolly wash out, though!So, yeah. Don’t be a mess. Even if you are a mess.you should try this. You won’t MAKE a mess; you’ll look cool? I don’t know.can you pull off pink when you’re almost 40? Whatever - you might have a moment of clarity about covid-coloring your hair and your coolness or lack thereof as correlated to age .maybe profession. Prolly shouldn’t have done this before a job interview.meh, color cabin fever, what can you do? I’m glad I took a chance and put the effort in! Do it up, it’s fun! ^_^

img 1 attached to Keracolor Clenditioner - Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Dye And Color-Depositing Conditioner In 20 Vibrant Shades review by Hunter Feerey

  • With 20 vibrant shades to choose from, you can experiment with a variety of on-trend colors to suit your mood and style
  • May have limited availability in certain areas

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