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Review on NFT Showroom by Solomon Omomogbe

Revainrating 5 out of 5

NFT Showroom Presents To Users Lots Of Interesting Features To Enjoy A Digital Services And Transactions

NFT Showroom is a digital marketplace for art that is been built on Hive Blockchain Network. This Hive Blockchain is known to be a fast and feeless blockchain, and it has a lot of interesting features which is especially beneficial in NFT trading. Example of these includes it's scalability, globally accessibility function, and it also unlocks an entire ecosystem of services for creators and collectors.

I find the platform attractive and very easy to use with less expensive transaction fees for all parties, both the artists and the collectors. After a successful sales of an item on the Platform, NFT Showroom charges and collects a 10% commission on the total selling amount and after a subsequent sales of the market, the platform still collects a 10% commission but this time the whole of the 10% will be payed to the original Creator of the sold item, i.e the artist.

Another aspect of the platform that I really like and enjoyed is the FAQ page, it provides ready-made answers to all questions users might be having pertaining to using the NFT Showroom platform which I see as something that makes using platform more easier for me and I know that is how it'll be for many other users as well.

  • Globally accessible
  • Unlocks an entire ecosystem of service
  • Less expensive transaction
  • Attractive and easy to use
  • Detailed FAQ section
  • None