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Review on Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster ๐Ÿช‘ Seat: Self-Storing Tray & Floor Chair, Cashmere by Chad Blanchet

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Just plain awesome - my new review

We added one of these to our baby registry after a suggestion from a friend. Used it since baby 1 was about 4 months to practice sitting and it was incredibly supportive and fit the baby very well for that purpose. Then used it as a high chair when baby 1 started solids, and now have it permanently attached to a dining room chair for everything from meals to having a place to secure the toddler for finger painting and crafts. We removed the insert when the toddler got bigger and it was a very easy transition. Ordered a 2nd chair for baby 2. We love that the tray tucks under the chair for storage, and that the chair is just the right height with our dining table and chairs to be pushed up against the table so the toddler can easily eat with the family (the tray is more for snacks or very small bowls, it's too narrow for a even a plate). Have not traveled with it yet thanks to the timing of having kids and COVID, but have moved it around to different places in the house over time and it packs up easily and is light weight. My only frustration over the past 2 years has been cleaning it thoroughly. It wipes easily which is great for finger paints and crafts and the baby purees and generally keeping things surface clean, but crumbs from things like bread get between the cracks where the straps come up and accumulate inside over time. You absolutely can take the entire chair apart and either put it in the dishwasher or hand wash it like we do, but getting it fully disassembled is not easy. It's also incredibly tough to clean the insides of the part where the tray slides into the chair. This probably isn't a big deal for people who use this chair occasionally, but for our daily use as a high chair with a messy toddler it's an annoyance. That being said, we do completely disassemble the chair to clean it and wash the straps in the washing machine about every other month and the one we've been using for 2 years is still as sturdy and stable as the one we just bought for the 2nd kid. We've never had any parts break when we take it apart, and it goes back together really well. I HIGHLY recommend this chair.

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  • Itโ€™s well made and easy to set up. Works well in my dining chairs and my grandson is secure.
  • Buckle system is complicated for parents to use

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July 22, 2023
We use this everyday! It''s been about two months and I have 0 negatives about it. We use it as a high chair and floor chair and love the tray and the compartment under the seat to slide the tray into. My 5 month old doesn''t fall out even without the belts buckled. My 4 year old can even sit in it! We will have this forever.