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Review on Pioneer Bluetooth Auxiliary Connection ALPHASONIK by Angel Larson

Great sound but hard to control

What's good: - Wonderfully fat base and very clear sound (yes Pioneer mosfet amp does it again!) - Microphone has normal sensitivity for phone calls (good but not great ) . Impressive, in this price range it is mainly included for the car radio. Cons: Flashing bright lights around the controls and display are annoying and distracting from driving, especially at night. It is not possible to disable this feature. Maybe it's cool when you're 16, but I'm 40 and I hate it. - The display is too bright at night, but very difficult to read in the sun - You can only save 3 Bluetooth connections at the same time. I used all three slots, which means I'll have to remove one and add it later if a family member wants everyone to hear a specific song on their phone. It doesn't charge my Samsung or Blackberry when connected to the USB cable Ugly: - When I connect my Blackberry via Bluetooth, it automatically starts playing a random audio file on the device. And when the call ends, it starts again with a different random sound file, even if the sound player was off the first time. This is a feature of the radio, not Blackberry (it happens with other phones). In turn, distracts attention from driving. I find this feature incredibly annoying as I like to talk on the phone a lot while driving. - Accidentally hitting the volume button while adjusting the volume takes you to a menu system that takes your attention away from driving (you should look for the stereo for the back button). Attempting to adjust the equalizer (e.g. treble, bass, etc.) while driving requires such attention to the device that it becomes dangerous to drive. Too many menu levels to navigate. No stereo for those who need something easy to work with while driving. Not stereo for people with high blood pressure. I like the sound quality, but overall I regret this purchase.

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