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Review on Computer chair ThunderX3 TC3 Ember Red by Stanislaw Szudek ᠌

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The best thing for the money, Im glad I chose this option.

: earlier in the shortcomings, I wrote that the chair has a useless swing mechanism due to the supposedly small amplitude. I am forced to admit a mistake, I am correcting the review: I did not understand before why the gas lift lever was extended, it turned out that it blocks or releases the ability of the chair to sway. It’s a little embarrassing that only the right mounting unit with adjustable backrest takes the entire load, but this is the case on almost all chairs, perhaps I’m worrying in vain. I use the pillow at the head only in a reclining position, as it interferes with the vertical position. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, for my money (15k) - buzzing, although I have almost nothing to compare with, because this is my first normal chair. After longer use, I may add a review.

Updated 2 months ago
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My review now features some photos to help you make a more informed decision.


  • - Convenience. You don't have to fidget. - The possibility of reclining the backrest up to the lying position and adjusting the height of the armrests. - Quality of performance. Everything is sewn well, the embroidery is not crooked, after assembly everything sits tightly. - Design. The combination of black, red and white is my favorite. Yes, and all sorts of elements are located as they should, does not cause disgust. The only thing is to write the name of the manufacturer in as many as 5 places - this is too much. It was enough to put the logo on the headboard, saving on embroidery.
  • - Armrests. As you can see in the photo, I removed them. * Firstly, they cannot be moved to the center, you will have to screw them in the widest possible position, because the base with a gas lift will not allow you to screw the armrests narrower so that your hands can comfortably reach them. The oblong holes on the armrest mounts lose their meaning, because in fact there is no adjustment, obviously a design miscalculation. * Secondly, the rotation of the armrests, in my opinion, is not something that is needed, but if it is, then I would like to block the rotation. As a result, every time I wanted to move the chair, resting my hip on the armrest, the chair remained in place, and the armrest turned. * Thirdly, if you are a guitarist, then the armrests simply get in the way. * Fourthly, the soft material collects scratches quite briskly. * Fifth, they play, but personally I'm not critical. - Material. The solution with artificial leather is of course controversial, in some of the reviews I saw how the material was all peeled off. I would have preferred to have exactly the same chair, but with fabric upholstery. If you sit for 4 hours without a break, you know where it is very strong. And yes, the fabric doesn't fray. - Legs with wheels. There is nothing critical, but it would be possible to make a metal base. My wife has a chair for the same price from zombie, and there are metal legs. Well, it would seem that they are holding normally, but somewhere in the reviews I saw that someone had a plastic leg broken off. - Plastic inserts on the back. The lower ones do not always fit snugly against the upholstery, which is why there are gaps (not critical), and the upper one sometimes creates inconvenience. It would be possible to implement rigid holes without inserts.

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July 04, 2023
for 10k the chair is justified