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Review on Add Fun And Functionality To Any Space With The Divoom Ditoo Programmable LED Bluetooth Speaker by Reggie Kern

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just one possible major flaw to consider, otherwise great buy! Would gift it if I could afford to.

Flaw: I have attached a picture so you can see the only flaw is this section where the charging port and memory card slot is placed sticks out. However, the entire unit is heavier than I thought it would be and so despite this flaw, the quality feels worthy of the price. It’s not a cheap plastic shell. The body is glossy and overall smooth. Color is true to image at least in my case. It overall feels solid meaning it’s not wiggling or loose feeling. All the buttons work.Color: I really liked the blue color and it’s true to picture. However, the beige? Color is like flesh color …? So that might be off putting to some. The menu button as you a see in the picture is a burnt orange color. The lever is a shiny rose gold color. Note as others have said it is NOT A FULL MOVING LEVER. The other accent colors on top and bottom and around the base of the "monitor” is a dark light grey.Lever and Buttons: The Lever only CLICKS it does not move full 180 degrees. Do not force it to. The buttons have a nice Click to them. Very satisfying!Battery: I’m not sure how long the battery life will last but it made it for 4 hours minimum in my case after a full charge. I only used it for 4 hours. You need to charge it before use by the way. I don’t remember how long it took to charge this thing.At this time I’ve only used it for about a week. I have not downloaded the app. I’ve only listened to music and tried the Tetris game.Tetris Game: It is too heavy to hand hold to play Tetris despite thinking otherwise when I bought it with all the pictures showing people doing that. Table-top Tetris isn’t fun either. It’s fun as a wow factor but maybe children would do better compared to adult hands?Sound Quality: It is fine or at least above fine but isn’t as good compared to my "random brand --- retro style real wood Bluetooth speaker”. It’s also not fair to compare it to any brand names like Sony or Bose. It works and it’s clear sounding.Overall: I like this and for the cool colors and "fun” factor this wins hands down! Hope it lasts a while as that would justify the buy.

img 1 attached to Add Fun And Functionality To Any Space With The Divoom Ditoo Programmable LED Bluetooth Speaker review by Reggie Kern

  • Bass Boost,Smart APP Control
  • The device is too expensive for what it offers

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