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Review on Electrolux Rapid Transformer kit with control unit and chassis ECH/R-1500 T-TUI3.1 (inverter) with built-in wi-fi / EFT/RR, white by Dorota Bartosiak She ᠌

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A bad product, not worth the money.

We must start with the fact that Electrolux convectors to the Electrolux brand, if they have any relation, then only on some paper, which gives the right to use it for the name of convectors in the territory of the former USSR. In fact, this is Ballu, that is, 2022 / China. There is nothing wrong with this, but it makes sense to know / draw conclusions. On the site there is a photo of the chassis for convectors with metal slots (bushings, rods) where the roller is inserted into the chassis frame. Like all normal videos. In fact, these slots are made of plastic, even partly hollow inside. If you add very poorly rotating rollers (apparently also on a plastic sleeve, then you will be able to roll the convector on the floor once (if you're lucky - several), after which the slot will break. The part is under load. I immediately broke 3 (! ) rollers, then I only carried it with my hands, but this is: uncomfortable, hot. The rest of the rollers work as a flimsy stand. Thermal sensors do not cope with their task (I have 6 of these convectors, all with the latest inverter unit, if anything, from 1.5 to 2.5 kW of the model). Fool bought 6 at once, for a house outside the city. By setting the “snowflake” mode, antifreeze at 7 (! ) degrees I get a stable 2.8 C. The sensors simply switch the convectors to low energy consumption first, then turn them off and the temperature is already maintained at less than three degrees! I set the mode to 10 C for comfort - it turned out to get something about 4-5 degrees. They don’t live in the house yet, but when they start - how many degrees to set so that it is, for example, 23 C? I don’t know - the selection by experience when buying a SMART INVERTER UNIT - infuriates to an extreme degree. The support service (defined as Ballu) of Rusklimat, and even more so Home-comfort, ignores ALL (! ) Letters, and by phone at the 10th time, in fact, sends the forest. Tech department - that's not their problem, Marketing department - to the technical department. I regret the purchase, and I hope someone has been sufficiently informed. The price does NOT match the quality.

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My review now features some photos to show you the product in action.


  • warm, design
  • Disposable chassis elements shamelessly lying thermal sensors

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