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Review on REDCAMP Closed Cell Foam Camping Sleeping Pad, 22" Wide Lightweight Folding Camping Pad For Hiking Backpacking, 72"X22"X0.75", Blue/Grey by Chris Reeves

Revainrating 4 out of 5

This is not comfortable - it is almost better to sleep on softly .

UPDATE: The seller was very attentive and responsive. They saw my comment and offered a refund and asked how to resolve the problem. They clearly care about their customers and product. 5 stars for customer service. As an above comment tried to explain, these arent supposed to feel like a matrtess- obviously. If you are expecting to feel like youre in a bed on your backpacking trip you will be sorely mistaken no matter what you bring. This mattress DOES keep you warm. If you are going backpacking you NEED a pad not for comfort but for warmth and safety. This pad does 100% provide warmth.This sleeping pad is incredibly uncomfortable to sleep on. It does help minutely with heat loss to the ground, and it is long and light. However, it is a stiff material as opposed to its competitor which has give and cushion to it. It is worth the extra $10 to buy the name brand. This is not comfortable - it is almost better to sleep on softly packed soil than on this. I would return for a refund if it is possible after being used for a camping trip.

  • Worked as described.
  • Not very ergonomic