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Review on ๐Ÿ“ท OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark II (Silver) (Body Only): Unleashing the Ultimate Photographic Power by Md Aadam Ali แ Œ

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High-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

For a long time I chose a replacement for my old Fujifilm X-T10. In shooting photos, he more than suited me, especially with the f1.4 bomb lens, but shooting a video with him was a pain - the video size was only FHD and the quality left much to be desired. Not to mention the ease of shooting. I chose between Olympus Eโ€‘M5/10 and Fujifilm X-T30. But in the end, the first one seemed to me more balanced and bribed the stabilizer on the camera. I took it right away with a fairly fast and versatile pro lens of the 12-40mm series with a constant aperture of f2.8. This is important for shooting video. After the purchase, I had an important question - how long would the camera be able to shoot video without stopping on one battery, since there was a long shooting ahead. After about an hour, the recording began to stop itself, while not displaying any errors or overheating icons. The temperature of the carcass was in the hottest place up to 45 degrees. The camera itself did not turn off, only the video hung for ten seconds, after which it died and the recording stopped. During the freeze, the recording was no longer being made, that is, at least 10 seconds are lost in such cases. After that, you can easily restart the recording, but after a few minutes it stops again with a freeze. Question to the developers of the camera - would you at least bring out some kind of error, what should I sin for: overheating, memory card, bugs or magnetic storms? I would also draw attention to the fact that now it seems like a trend - not to attach detailed instructions in the kit, but to refer to it on the site. As a result, those who like to rustle paper will have to print 261 A4 pages, and of course no one will carry this stack of papers with them. Everything needs to be studied in advance. What disappointed me, I hope they will fix it in firmware ates, which have not yet been released. In fact, my review was much larger and juicier, but I had to correct it for placement on the market. Some of the minor problems had to be simply thrown out, about 8500 characters.

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  • There is focus by touching the screen, and if you start turning the focus ring, it also works, and you can manually rebuild the plan or correct the focus, then tap again on the screen and autofocus will work - a bomb. There is a microphone input, but there is no headphone output, but the first is already good. By the way, the internal microphones record the sound well, but I would still be better off using the Zoom H1. There is a neutral color profile for post correction, it's not some kind of Log, but still a plus. There is a light flicker scanner, so far I canโ€™t write anything on it, itโ€™s cool, but I havenโ€™t had to use it until I can find where it flickers. The camera is just a masterpiece, I get pleasure from it, but as always, not without a fly in the ointment. I was afraid that there would not be enough aperture on the 4/3 matrix. In this regard, Fujik gave me the opportunity to calmly shoot without a flash in any conditions and get excellent results (at f1.4 hole). But in the end, even with a hole of f2.8, the Eโ€‘M5 Mark III gives ISO no worse. For shooting a family at home, it is enough for the eyes for both video and photo. The focusing motors of the lens are not audible in the video, although I can barely hear them live. On the fuji, you could directly hear how they were scratching, then there was silence. Perhaps this is the only advantage of the pro series lens. Focusing in video mode (by tap on the screen) is smoother than in the photo, which is great. The speed can be adjusted, but just a slow cinematic transition suits me. At the same time, the focus does not "breathe" (does not twitch), but actually smoothly transitions from one object to another. In photo mode, focusing is lightning fast, and the breathing effect is noticeable in low light, but for photos this is not critical, but for video they did a sweetie. Suddenly, the kit comes with a flash, nice. Although on Fujik I have already forgotten what it is, since the aperture ratio and natural light are much more pleasant than the glare from the flash and the loss of atmosphere.
  • There is a physical ISO button, which for some reason stops working after the start of shooting. At the same time, the ISO on the screen can be changed without any problems through the silent menu. That is, you can change the ISO in the process, but not with a convenient button. There is an autofocus backlight. Under low-contrast shooting conditions, the contours are hard to see, but it is possible to adjust the contour to be brighter. But during shooting, this mode switches to standard brightness. There is a zoom button to help focus, but it does not work during video recording. There is a function to zoom in automatically when focus is adjusted, but it stops working during video recording. By default, the eye proximity sensor to the viewfinder switches images from the monitor to the viewfinder and it works by about 10 cm, that is, when you are shooting and you try to reach the screen with your right hand, you will definitely touch this sensor, which cuts off your screen for a few seconds. In the camera settings there is a setting in which direction the focus ring works, but after switching the lens to manual mode, the focus works as by default, regardless of the setting in the camera. The battery indicator has only 3 divisions. You can set the manual white balance on the physical button, but try to do it in video mode - there will be no result. The camera can only be turned on with two hands. The camera does not run on USB power, and does not even charge the battery while the camera is turned on. A full charge takes about 3 hours! My phone is not the coolest, it charges 3000mAh in an hour. I'm not saying that they put microUSB. There is a physical button for switching focus modes, you can set up two modes and quickly switch between them with one toggle switch. But it's tight, loud, and doesn't work while shooting video. The camera is so small that with my native 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO lens, the camera does not sit flat on the table. That is, the camera stands on the lens, but it is round, in general, the camera does not stand, but staggers.

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November 17, 2022
Got pros: Changed my em-5 mark II, satisfied. Different cons: Not a very good battery, but they promise for 310 shots and the body is not made of metal (but it really became lighter)