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Review on Nappa Leather Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover - Xipoo Fit Car Seat Protector (White) by Marc Alvarez

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Everyone who has seen them thinks they are factory originial.

Regarding other reviews that complained about the color (white in this case) yes, they are not pure refrigerator white (I got the optional white seats in my Model 3 which are pure refrigerator white) but one partial shade of off-white but in my opinion not enough to care about. I showed them to a number of people and nobody noticed the slight difference in shade until I pointed it out to them. Also, the fit and finish is exceptionally good and would only be bested by buying a genuine replacement factory seat cover directly from Tesla at who knows what cost.At the end of the day, I got these to protect the original seats and I now no longer an freaking out if someone is drinking coffee in the car. The peace of mind is well worth it. In so far as how long will they last or how easy they are to clean, the material appears to be virtually identical to most OEM seats so I can reasonably expect them to last a number of years. If they do get permanently stained, scratched, torn, or faded for some reason, I do consider them to be "sacrificial" in that I am more than happy to put on a new set every few years if that is what it takes.In terms of installation, anyone who has done basic DIY stuff should have no issues but I will add that their video (which I played on the screen in the car while doing the install - nice!) is not the greatest as you will have to figure out a few things like how to best get the metal hooks to go onto the elastic straps without a struggle or how to undo the clips that connect the bottom rear flap of the front seats to the underside. Once I got that figured out the rest was easy.My only suggestion is regarding the center console cover. My kit shipped with a white one but I chose not to use it since I am pretty certain that over time my arm will eventually make permanent visible stains on it. I would have like to had the option of getting a black console cover just for this one area as that would make more sense and be more practical, IMHO.All in all, I am extremely satisfied with them and will be recommending them to anyone I know who owns a Tesla.

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  • The custom-fit cover ensures that there are no creases and folds, preventing any discomfort during long drives
  • The seat cover may cause skin discoloration or pigmentation due to prolonged use