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Review on 🚲 Extra Tall Tricycle with High Bounce Capability by Paul Bijeaux

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My son is 3 1/2 and has autism so he started trike a little late. He is in the 75th percentile for height. This trike fits him perfectly and I'm so glad it exists! The seat can even be moved a step further, giving it even room to grow. The tricycle is very durable and stable. I like the narrower seat because it makes it easier for my son to swing his leg when getting in and out. The seat is 13 inches off the ground. Fits my 3.5 year old son perfectly. My 2 year old daughter can sit with her toes on the bike and reach the pedals but it's a bit tiring. I would say it is suitable for bigger children from 2 years old. UPDATE: A year has passed and my son is now 4 years old, he still loves his tricycle, it still fits him and is still in great condition. So we ordered one in purple for my daughter. They definitely changed the formula of motorcycle body paintwork. It's a red purple metallic. The wheels and seat were bright blue purple like the photos and didn't even match the body of the trike. It's incredibly annoying to see. So I ordered another blue tricycle with the intention of returning the purple tricycle. The blue tricycle looked different too! In the photos, the body color and wheels are light blue, but the plastic parts (seat upholstery, steering wheel and pedals) are a strange, mismatched blue color. Maybe the color change was meant as a design improvement, but definitely not! I ended up using black plastic parts from a purple tricycle to make it look acceptable. Now I can't return the purple tricycle. If the green tricycle wasn't such a godsend for my son, I would be furious. HIGHBOUNCE MUST UPDATE THEIR PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS!

  • Great construction
  • Crumpled packaging