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Review on Experience Nostalgic Music With KEiiD CD Player Retro Home Boombox: Get The Used-Like New Version For Just $99 by Omar Malvo

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Love the Boombox, even more so the customer support!

I highly recommend the KEiiD Boombox. First, we love the sound. Second, we love the features. We've connected it to our Samsung smart TV and use it at least in part as a sound bar. We use the radio and connect our iPhones to the Boombox through the Bluetooth feature. We love the clock with date and time. For us, it was an excellent purchase.I am often really skeptical of customer reviews. I usually wonder who is making them. I've read enough stories about doctored or manufactured ones to have my doubts. I do not leave many reviews but I was inspired to leave this review because of the outstanding customer service I received from KEiiD.Our purchase of the Boombox started with our cutting cable. When we got rid of our cable box, we no longer had a clock under the TV. The furniture upon which our TV stands had a nice space for the cable box, and, once we realized we actually missed the clock from the cable box, we started thinking about what we could do with the space. After a lot of research, hunting for the right size, features, price, and quality, eventually, we found the KEiiD Boombox. The dimensions were close to a tight fit for the space (it's bigger than a cable box) but the Boombox looked like it would fit perfectly. We didn't have a great sound system in the room, no sound bar, no great radio, etc. And, with COVID-19, we were spending a lot more time in the house. So we decided to upgrade and buy the KEiiD.Set up was easy. The Boombox has a great clock, a perfect replacement for the one thing we missed from our old cable box. It included the date and time. I hooked it up to our Samsung TV using the auxiliary jack and, viola, we had a really excellent sound bar for the tv, a huge instant upgrade. We set up the radio, hiding the antenna behind the TV. Again, great instant upgrade. And we connected our iphones to the Boombox, again, great instant upgrade.The Boombox comes with a remote control. This is a nice feature for our living room. Unfortunately the remote control died. I can't blame KEiiD. We are a family and not all of us are as gentle with remotes. This was not a failure by KEiiD. I reached out, emailing KEiiD over the weekend, to find out about getting another remote. I sent an email on Saturday. I had two emails back from Allen on Sunday.Sunday!.including an email confirming that a replacement remote was being mailed to me. This was the email from Sunday night:From: {support email on their website, redacted by me to help them not get bombarded with spam}Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2020 7:40 PMTo: {redacted by me to avoid spam}Subject: Re: RE: remote for KEiiD Boombox CD Player with Speakers, Wooden Desktop Stereo System with Clock Bluetooth FM Radio USB TF AUX Headphone Jack Sleep TimerHi, ThomasThe replacement remote control order has been placed, please wait for a few days, it will be arrived very soon.By the way, does the current device display the time when you shift to FM radio mode?If not, I will send you the latest upgrade software and the related instructions.Any questions or issue on the product, please feel free to contact with me.We are always standing behind the product with the customers.Stay safe and healthyRegards,Allen---end email---I bought the Boombox because I wanted a high quality product that fit our needs and was being sold for a comparably reasonable price. But, with customer service like this, I felt like I really wanted to actually leave a real review so that other people would know about the excellent customer service KEiiD gave me. If we want more customer service like that then I believe we have to incentivize it, to recognize and reward it. So, not only am I happy to tell you in this review that I am very satisfied with the KEiiD Boombox, I am even more impressed with KEiiD's customer service. It is so good, in fact, that--unprompted--I am submitting this review.Thank you for taking the time to read my review and thank you to Allen for the outstanding support.

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  • Wireless streaming with Bluetooth 5.0 & full band FM radio. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology connects with your phone, iPad up to 65 ft stable connection. Y-shape copper FM antenna ensures good FM reception with 30 presets.
  • The overall quality of the sound produced by the boombox may not live up to the user's expectations

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