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Review on 🌍 Explore the G-Shock GBX100-1: Your Ultimate Adventure Companion by Edyta Borawska ᠌

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Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

about the app native from PlayMarket not download but it is on the Internet: G-SHOCK MOVE you can search apk there is also an alternative that works with almost all possible types of smart watches, bracelets, etc. I sit on it. Gadgetbridge . Php? showtopic=650574 unlike native software, it allows you to set a filter on messages and the applications themselves from which you want to receive notifications. relatives program just killed me messages came yes from the explorer (they say I finishedcompying the files) why do I need it for hours? Basically my recipe is: set the native MOVE do the initial tincture the place of high and low tides (due to this, the clock shows the time of dawn and sunset) then we demolish it and put Gadgetbridge and here we are already setting up in full. I hope my strange review will help someone =)

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  • 1 - design (but this is taste) 2 - work from CR2032 it can be found anywhere, even if they were raped to the fullest, I think they will live a year and change the battery at home . one screwdriver is enough - I changed it on the old clock, Prada cursed the manufacturers for the rare battery format. At the same time, the watch has never lost its tightness after replacing the battery (I didn’t even take it off in the bath and nothing fogged up and so on for 5 years) until it's completely broken. I am against solar panels in watches, because after 5-7 years you have to change the battery, the cost of which can jump from 5 to 15,000 - do you need it? Unfortunately, few people think about this, maybe not everyone wears watches for 5-7 years or more =) 3 - good readability of the display [personally, the reflection of the moon is enough for me to understand what is on the display] (MIP display is very similar to first-generation "transflective" displays from Garmin or Amazfit BIP) 4 - by the way, if you need to have a backlight 1.5 \ 3 sec. 5 - Ali is full of straps if this one breaks (native is very pleasant to the touch, but I think it will be difficult to find the original) 6 - the display is recessed by 1 mm from the stainless steel bezel. It's not aluminum you just can't scratch. in extreme cases, this shape will not be difficult to grind with sandpaper. 7 - very comfortable buttons (tight at first but after a month you get used to them or they become softer) 8 - works great in the background SIMULTANEOUSLY both the second and the timer. 9 - the timer is a separate praise, you can set intervals between the signal with an accuracy of 1 second (the signal goes sound and vibro at the same time) the timer can be set for only an hour, but here it is composite: of 5 parts, each can be set to a maximum of 60 min\minimum 1 sec vibrates after each and all this can be made to repeat up to 20 times (separate menu item) 10 - during an open stopwatch or timer, a thumbnail with real time is always visible 11 - synchronization with the phone (no need to bring the clock always the exact time)
  • 1 - it's good that there is a backlight, but if you want to read an SMS or some other message, then simply navigate through the menu in complete darkness . in short, you can read it, but you have to turn on the backlight several times. This is enough for time and second timers - for messages it is not enough because they have to be flipped through. 2 - the length of messages is not more than 100 characters (but this is enough for me) 3 - no hourly signal (on my old watch it was - used to it) 4 - you can not reconfigure the order of items in the menu: a message comes to you > full screen notification from whom and that's it if you want to read it, climb through the timer, stopwatch, workouts to the message item> select it (by the way, only 10 messages fit) 5 - I have not figured it out yet (there is not always a connection with the phone) 4 - the children's sore Mi Band sometimes (not always) counts false steps even if you are standing in a minibus (I understand why this happens, but there is no functionality to fix this in the application)