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Review on Mavoro LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, Rechargeable, 1X/10X Magnification - Daylight LED, Pocket Or Purse Mirror, Small Travel Mirror. Folding Portable Mirror, Touch Sensor, USB (Champagne Gold) by Black Miller

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Fabulous little compact mirror that I take EVERYWHERE! So many compliments on it.

I got this compact mirror, because I’ve been wanting an LED, 3 color changing, 1X magnification WITH 10X magnification FOREVER.1. I LOVE the blush pink color. Very light and classy.2. I love that it came with a soft, microfiber feeling gray drawstring bag to keep it in. Thoughtful touch. I keep it inside of that, inside my purse, to keep anything from scratching it.3. I love that both sides light up. You can usually only find them where only ONE side lights up, but not the other.4. I love that it charges super quickly, with a regular micro usb cable (INCLUDED), that you can easily find another of, if you lose the one they send with the mirror.5. Three way lighting. Cool, warm, and a bright natural daylight that is super bright. I usually prefer to do my makeup or fine tweezing on the cold, harsh, ultra bright one, cause a) that’s what I like, and b) what I see best with. My vision is NOT the best at all. So that really bright one lets me see literally even the tiniest, lightest of hairs. Unfortunately, it also lets me see every pore I have. Lol 😩 (I use the 10X if I need to see a certain pore to treat, or pluck a few hairs).6. You can brighten/dim it to your environment/liking!7. One charge lasts FOREVER. I’ve had this for WEEKS. Only had to charge it once, and it charged super fast.8. Literally everyone who sees this mirror compliments it, asks where I got it, and one lady even wanted to buy it from me lol. I was like, "No. here’s the company go on Walmart to them.” Like, lady, get your own! 😂 so TRUST:9. This makes an EXCELLENT gift for any woman in your life: daughter who’s starting to do makeup, teen, busy working professional woman, stay at home mama, busy single mom needing to do some quick touch ups in the school pick up line lol, your grandmother, mom, auntie, or….** ATTN FELLAS: your LADY! I would’ve LOVED if ANY man had spent the money, to ever thoughtfully consider me a PRACTICAL, useful, adorable gift like this, — rather than something pretty, but useless… like the ever popular roses. Ugh.We women like flowers and chocolates too, but we want stuff that will last, and serve a purpose in our lives. Something we actually need — like THIS! So: Take NOTE, my fellas! 📝So why, 4 stars then?Well, I wish the lid was hinged in such a way, that it would stay open to your preferred angle on its own. But as you can see in my last two photos, unless I keep at least one finger supporting it, the compact falls all the way open, to its full openness. This makes me have to worry about making sure I try not to hold it in such a way of using close up, that I won’t get fingerprints on one side of the mirrors, or have to constantly be readjusting my small hands. It would be nice if you needed to fix a false eyelash super quick, to be able to just set it on a surface and have both hands available. But where it has no slow close, or hing mechanism that will grip on place where you position it, it just opens the whole way. That’s def not a reason for me to discontinue using it, or have changed my mind and went with a different one that didn’t have all the features of this one though. Just a helpful suggestion for seller in the future, to get a full 5 stars (cause I’d rate it 4.5)! So drumroll please… for everything this mirror has and does, how many Ritzies does it get?!📊 🏆 RATING :: 4.5 / 5️⃣ RITZIES!💎 💎 💎 💎 (1/2 💎)One of my BEST all time Walmart blind buys YET! I love and treasure this good sized compact, with microfiber gray discreet professional dust cover that keeps it safe in my purse, included charging cord, long battery life, and all above amenities listed above. ♥️

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  • RECHARGEABLE BUILT IN BATTERY - USB cable included, Touch Sensor, Dimmable, 3 Modes of LED Light
  • The folding mechanism feels flimsy and unstable