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Review on Money Clip Blocking Slim Wallet by Jamie Mousavi

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Wallet WOWiT. in my rating

They should call it the WOWiT wallet. In conjunction with everything Wow! First, if you want a thinner wallet, you can make your current wallet thinner by throwing out half of the junk you've accumulated since your last trip to Puerto Vallarta, where you lost your wallet in a cockfight. a poorly lit bowling alley. Really, who needs those torn tickets to The Cabin in the Woods premiere? I've removed tons of business cards from people I want to call forever, and turned coupons for free nachos on overpriced drinks and my current wallet into something pretty thin. It doesn't protect me from nasty RFIDs, whatever they are, but I'm all for protection, which is why I got this WALLiT. First I wanted to store it in the best presentation box. It's so perfect as a gift I can't bring myself to open it. After taking many medications to overcome my fear of opening the best presentation boxes, I removed the protective covers, flimsy paper and so on, which makes WALLiT look nice and new until you use it. I am very impressed with this item, especially as a gift. If you're thinking of gifting it, you can't go wrong. This is perfect for people with wallet needs. Throw everything in your wallet onto your bed and only choose cash and credit cards that have money left. I put my official ID next to my insurance card. I put a stack of credit cards on top of another. The money clip takes some getting used to. At least I know when I'm running out of money. I don't usually understand this until I've done the "open-fold-look-deep-inside-and-little-moths-come-out" operation. foldable with zip and space for my emergency medicine in case I ever need to open a nicely wrapped gift. It is much smaller in height. However, it leaves a hard angular imprint in my pocket. I'm not sure if I like it. I'm also not sure I like small tongues. I want them in. Where they hang outside, they detract somewhat from an otherwise really nice wallet. Now I realize I'm obsessed with it and probably won't be able to use this WALLiT. I'm going to hire scientists to figure out how to turn this cute wallet back into its protective plastic sleeve and make it perfect as a gift again. Then I will wait for the opportunity to present it. I received this excellent WALLiT at a discount in exchange for this honest and fair review. I mean WOW! Because that's the name you have to give it.

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  • it was good
  • Cannot accept larger bills