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Review on Walkie-talkie Baofeng BF-888s without headset, 2 pcs. by Ada Banas ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Everything is fine, there are only minor drawbacks.

The device performs its direct duties - providing communication at the distances declared by the manufacturer - well. Ergonomics - acceptable, the dimensions correspond to the declared ones. Of course, there is no need to impose increased requirements on a device of this class, if you need a stable connection in the city, especially in the industrial zone, at 5-7 km, then this is not your choice. Personally, I think that in such a situation, a mobile phone is preferable, and if we are talking about areas outside the coverage of mobile communications, you need to have the right level of communication equipment, and not pocket toys.

  • The operation of the device was tested in a residential area with a mixed 5-storey (limestone blocks) and 9-storey (reinforced concrete panels) buildings. The relief is an increase from the northwest to the southeast, there are local elevations and a deep beam in the northeast. There are electrical substations and a boiler room. In any direction, except for the beam, the devices provided stable two-way communication at a distance of 15-20 minutes. normal walking in a straight line, i. E. 1.5-2 km. When going into the beam, the connection is lost when the edge of the slope closes the directions of not only the direct, but also the reflected signal, i. E. the dead zone is smaller than one would expect based on theoretical assumptions. Naturally, when a substation or boiler room is located between the devices, the connection is broken and it is necessary to look for a position in which there is a direct or reflected signal reception. Testing devices in open areas is not interesting, according to the speedometer it was 9-10 km, the signal was stable. We haven’t reached the forest yet, I can’t say anything, in the park the communication distance did not differ from the sleeping area, the size of the park was not allowed to increase. There are no complaints about the quality of the speech signal. By the time of battery life - too (I endure the landing of the battery in a day was not enough).
  • The type of device is emphatically military (i. E. cheap and clumsy), the battery pack is adjacent to the case also "army-style" imperfectly, the flashlight is awkwardly designed - a cheap LED protruding above the surface of the case, in my opinion, it was necessary to put a simple reflector or collimator and "drown" the flashlight in the radio case. Due to the shortcomings mentioned, I give the overall rating of the device 4.2.