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Review on Sony X800H Inch Compatibility XBR75X800H by Vanchay Kokram (.) ᠌

I recommend to buy, the product is of high quality.

If not for the shortcomings, it would be an ideal TV. The picture is class, for sound, you can buy a soundbar and a home theater with full immersion is ready. However, Sony does not care that some kind of trouble with the software. they do not plan to fix anything, although all the shortcomings are clearly software and not hardware. You do not expect such jambs from TV for 130k. If you are not afraid of shortcomings - take it, but know that if you find more errors in the software, then Sony will only tell you one thing: ate the software and reset to factory settings. None of this, of course, will help you, and such small jambs spoil the impression very much. Alas, I can no longer return the TV.

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Pros & cons

  • - Image. The picture is really fire, especially in 4K. Although the intelligent image refinement system also works well, "Armor of God" looked right from the new side. - Viewing angle. the corners are excellent, the picture is not distorted. - The size. from a distance of 4 meters, just look at the fire! There are no lights. - Smart TV (Android). Third-party applications are easy to install, voice recognition works well. - Fast WiFi. at a speed of 100 mb, with IVI 4K movies go without brakes. - Supports all known formats from a flash drive or hard drive - Bluetooth remote. It doesn't matter where it is directed - it will still work. -Motion flow. When it works it looks great
  • - Screen refresh rate -50 Hz. In order to fix this, there is Motionflow, but it only works where it wants to. For example, it works in Youtube, but refuses in IVI, which negatively affects dynamic scenes. writes that the function is not available. - You can connect a smartphone or laptop without cables only with dancing with a tambourine. Chromecast function is there, but does not work. - Bluetooth - It is, but it will not work to connect headphones. I'm afraid that if I buy a Bluetooth soundbar, then it won't connect, either. even the phone simply does not see TV when searching. - The sound is weak. Need a soundbar to fully immerse yourself in a movie

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