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Review on 8-Channel Multifunction Relay Board With Time Delay And Optocoupler LED - Ideal For Industrial Automation by James Hess

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Difficult to understand with no instructions

No instructions and the ones that are online or in these reviews are still difficult to understand. However after many hours of trial was able to understand it.1. The relay number for WIRING is 1 through 8but for PROGRAMMING it is 0 through 7. This means that 0 is relay 1, 1 is for relay 2 and so on. This can be a little confusing. So marking them will help.2. PROGRAMMING; hold SET button until the screen changes.(2a. F--0 will appear, this stands for relay 1. Press the +button and it will show F--1, this is relay 2 and so on.)2c. Press SET button and if the F--0 was showing before pressing the SET button then you will see 0--0, this is for the FUNCTIONS 1-19. Per the already provided instructions in other reviews you can change the way the relay will function.2d. By pressing the + button the FUNCTION number will change. After changing the number to the desired FUNCTION press save button. At this time the screen will revert back to F--0.2e. Press the + button and now you have moved to F--1 which is programming for relay 2.Now that you have programmed the FUNCTION for the relay now you will need to determine if time is needed to be added to the relay.3. Starting at F--0 press SET the screen reads 0--0 (FUNCTION) press the + button screen reads 0--1, this is for T1 (timer 1) here you can add hours. press + again to0--2 T1 for minutes. Press + again to 0--3 T1 for seconds. When you continue to 0--4 through 0--6 repeating the above but now it's for the (second set of timer) T2 timer. The last one 0--7 is for cycles of repeating that is available in some of the FUNCTIONS.Hope this helps.PS. Trying to figure out which FUNCTION to use is a challenge, at least for me I just used the method "what will this one do"

  • Plug-In Switches
  • The high level of customization and programming required to utilize all the features of the board may create a steep learning curve and lengthy installation time