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Review on 4-In-1 Convertible High Chair Booster Seat For Baby, Infant & Toddler With Adjustable Height And Recline, Removable Tray, Detachable Cushion - Simple Fold Installation Free - INFANS Gray by Eric Stewart

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I Wanted To Love This HighChair.

I did a lot of research before buying this highchair. It has a lot of bells and whistles like the more expensive highchairs, but for about half of the price. I did end up returning this highchair after careful consideration. Let me first tell you about what I really liked about this highchair!Pros:-It is very adjustable. It can be reclined into multiple positions as well as the height being adjustable.-It folds up for storage.-The tray has a cover for easier cleaning.-The chair itself can be removed and used as a floor seat or a booster seat on a kitchen chair.-The material is some kind of pleatherette that makes wiping it down a breeze.-It has a 5 point harness with adjustable straps.-The chair has a foot rest for baby. The seat is well cushioned. Both of these allow for comfier meal times for baby.-The support that goes between the baby's legs is attached to the seat itself and not the tray. I personally prefer this piece to be attached to the chair and not the tray. I've noticed that with other highchairs that have that piece connected to the tray, that it can make it difficult to get the tray close enough to baby. Some people may prefer the center leg piece being attached to the tray though. That makes it easier to slide baby right up to the table when you are done using the tray itself.-The tray is fairly large.Now, I am sure you are thinking "what is not to love about this highchair?" Let me tell you about the deciding factors of why I returned this highchair.Cons:-The frame is not as sturdy as I would like for my baby's highchair to be. For a younger baby, this shouldn't be an issue. However, an older child can figure out how to hop around in this highchair. When you apply weight to this highchair, the legs push outward. That being said, an older child could hop up and down on their bum making this highchair hop around your dining room. I tested this with my cousin's daughter and she figured it out on her own within minutes-The tray is not very adjustable. It only has 2 positions; far away and very far away. When I put the tray on its closest setting, it sat at least 6" away from my 9 month old's stomach. All of her food dropped right onto her lap.-The tray does not slide on like most highchairs. Instead, it has a rod on each side that has to be inserted into the arms. This is not easy to do with one arm while holding your baby with your other arm.-The tray does not have a cup holder. This wasn't a total deal breaker for me, but worth mentioning.-Although this highchair does fold up for storage, it is one of the largest folding highchairs I have ever seen.-The wheels are pretty much useless. I had to physically pick this highchair up and move it around. Just going back and forth was pretty difficult, but forget turning side to side!-After reclining the back of the chair, my husband and I almost always had difficulty getting it back up. It felt like something would jam when trying to push it back up. This may have been something defective with that specific chair that we received.-The foot rest is not really adjustable. There is no way to move the foot piece up closer for smaller babies.I do not recommend this highchair, but I wouldn't say it is the worst one out there. It has a lot of good things going for it, but unfortunately, it was not going to work for our baby. For us, the cons outweighed the pros and we returned it. If you do purchase this highchair, make sure you keep the original box in good condition just in case you do have to return. Also, keep in mind that this is not sold or fulfilled by ebay so you will have to go directly through the seller to return it. The return process wasn't incredibly difficult. The seller just didn't want me to return it to "avoid damage to packaging upon return arrival and to avoid excessive return shipping fees". They did offer to give me a partial refund and to let me just keep the highchair. However, I politely declined because as I mentioned before, this highchair was not going to work for us. They emailed me a prepaid shipping label that I printed and taped to the box. I then dropped the package off at UPS and the seller processed my refund the next day. The refund went back on my card a few days later. The customer service was decent and fairly quick.I spent way too long doing research to find the right highchair. I hope my review helps to save you some time in making your decision!

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  • I’m really happy with this high chair.
  • Not suitable for small apartments or homes