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Review on INNOCN 24.5" FreeSync Compatible DisplayPort Monitor - 1920X1080P, 165Hz, Tilt Adjustment, Wall Mountable, 1MS, HD by Darren Parker

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great price and very nice colors

I used the same dual HP 21 inch rig for. almost 2 decades! They're not even 1080p; It's definitely time for an update! My setup includes a 2 arm VESA mount which thankfully has 100mm and 75mm support on the mounting plates. The INNOCN comes without the stand attached and uses a simple push button panel that exposes 75mm VESA mounting points. Since I primarily use the VESA mount, I'll be talking about it more than most people I think. Comes with 4 screws too short to use. And I can see right away that there will be problems because all the holes are countersunk in a square section that's too small for any VESA plate, and then the top 2 screw holes are countersunk a good 1/4 inch more than the bottom screw holes. It's not uncommon to have all holes deepened, but it's easy to have them of different depths. stupid. Installing this thing was a pain in the ass. It's possible, but you'll need spacers, spacers, and longer screws (fortunately most of these were included with my mount, but I had to search my own screw collection for a few stacks of washers). After installation. looks very good! Thin bezels are good. Less weight than my old display and that means the arm gas lift has to be adjusted to stay down (now it always floats up). The settings controller is a small joystick on the back of the screen. It clicks to turn the display on and off. The click is NOT an "OK" radio button. You need to read the manual to understand that left is exit and right is 'OK'. It's unintuitive and I accidentally turned the screen off a few times. I managed to turn off the decorative red LEDs in the bottom corner, leaving just a pleasantly muted blue power LED. extended display over the laptop. The MacBook outputs a 1080p signal at 120 Hz. Comparing a 1080p screen to a near 4K display is unfair but unavoidable as they are right next to each other. Reflectivity can be an issue with the 25G1G; The top left corner was hard to read at times due to ambient light reflections, but part of that is just my window's position. Text so that it lacks sharpness. Not bad individually, but next to the razor-sharp Apple display it looks rough again. Part of me regrets not settling for a 2K model or higher. Colors and contrast are actually quite good, black levels are okay. I'll post a comparison video. The skin tones are really good and the coloring was nice and understated. Watching the video made me feel better on this screen. All in all, this is a solid value. My main gripe is the VESA mount, which most people don't care about. So all in all a strong 4 star display and I am very tempted to buy a second one (for my money) to have a set to match. or maybe I should check out the 2K model. Either way, if you're looking for a budget-friendly 1080p screen with fast refresh rates and a good color gamut, check it out.

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