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Skate Ramp Playset by Braille Skateboarding Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Skate Ramp Playset by Braille Skateboarding


The Braille Skateboarding Skate Ramp Playset, inspired by the renowned #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding, is an exceptional addition to the Finger Boards & Finger Bikes category. This innovative playset offers an array of captivating features that ensure hours of fun and excitement for skateboarding enthusiasts and beginners alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ramp playset boasts smooth edges, sturdy construction, and realistic design, creating a true-to-life skateboarding experience within the confines of your home. Its compact size makes it ideal for indoor use, allowing skaters to practice their skills regardless of weather conditions.

Similar Products

If you're in the market for headwear that resonates with your passion for skateboarding, the Braille Skateboarding Skate Ramp Playset is the perfect choice. This product stands out among other finger board toys due to its exceptional quality and adherence to the Braille Skateboarding brand ethos. While there are several other skate ramp playsets available, none come close to the authenticity and excitement that this playset delivers. Its seamless integration of the Braille Skateboarding identity sets it apart, giving skaters a genuine experience they won't find elsewhere.

Important Parameters and Benefits

One of the significant advantages of the Braille Skateboarding Skate Ramp Playset lies in its ability to foster self-development and skill enhancement in skateboarding enthusiasts of all ages. This product serves as a valuable tool for honing balance, coordination, and creativity, offering a safe environment to practice various tricks and stunts. Whether you're a seasoned skater looking to perfect your moves or a beginner eager to explore the world of skateboarding, this playset caters to all skill levels.

This versatile playset can be used in multiple settings, further adding to its appeal. Here are some places where the Braille Skateboarding Skate Ramp Playset finds utility:

  • At home in the living room or bedroom
  • In the backyard or garden
  • At skateboarding parties or events
  • In skate parks for small-scale practice sessions
  • At skateboarding workshops and training centers
  • Skateboarding enthusiasts, hobbyists, and aspiring professionals alike will benefit greatly from this exceptional product, and it promises to become an integral part of any skateboarding enthusiast's collection.

    Based on the #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube, Braille Skateboarding. Each pack contains 4 ramps, 2 finger boards, 8 wheels, 1 construction tool, and mini stickers. Several different tricks to be performed on the staircase, vert ramp, etc. For ages 3+.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Mala Calidad Best in Finger Boards & Finger Bikes

    Compre esto para mis hijos y en menos de 1 día se dañaron todos los patines para dedos. Lo único que sirvió de este producto fueron las rampas que si eran buenas.

    • Dope 🔥
    • little things

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    It's super fun and fun to learn new tricks!

    I'm having so much fun! It's 100% true that you can improve your fingerboarding skills! If you're a braille skateboard fan, I highly recommend this! Don't be surprised how 2 poles you get with wide carts!

    • Free for educational purposes
    • Volume

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Great ramps! Bad poles

    The ramps were great! Except that the roof rails are made of very thin plastic. The ramps are very customizable and made of nice plastic. I love her! Griffins are a different story. The trucks are bigger than the decks and both of the decks I have in my kit have the tape crooked. If you're looking for quality tech deck boards, this isn't it.

    • Great for outdoor activities
    • Boring packaging

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Get ready to burst!

    The only problem was that the skateboards were popsicles with wide carts. I fixed everything by replacing them with older Tech Deck trucks. The package arrived on time and quickly. I customized it with stickers but this is definitely recommended if you like fingerboarding. The rails are actually plastic, but I think I'll tweak them as well. Overall a great set, good thickness and size!

    • GOLS certificate
    • Not bad but...

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Truck wider than deck, some rail defects

    Maybe land 3.5 stars. The included deck grip was placed on top of the truck's hardware, requiring a re-grip when swapping out the truck's hardware. Truck widths in millimeters are not suitable for thin platforms. Also, which is obviously not true, so the first point applies here. The rail molding seems a bit flimsy, not sure about durability. In general, my son likes it when he looks at a guy on YouTube, but he pointed these things out to me.

    • Price
    • Vulgarity

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    So cheaply made and designed

    I really like Braille. I love fingerboarding. This lightweight kit won't stick to any surface as it doesn't have the stoppers on the bottom that you get from tech ramps. The coping on my quarter tube is bent and the included popsicle boards really make me wish I had gone for a solid technical deck or even heavier and more expensive designs as it was a waste of money for those who wanted to use this set like that, as it should be allowed. Also very tight spaces preventing the room from…

    • Impressive
    • Some flaws

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    May not be the best choice for a gift due to Revain shipping/packaging.

    Fingerskatepark arrived without additional shipping box. A non-removable address and USPS labels were plastered all over the manufacturer's dented, battered box. I bought this as a gift and although the contents were intact it became a rather shabby gift when the gift wrapping was removed. The content was all plastic, including bars and areas where children and young people would clap. Vultures for performing tricks. So far they've held out; but I'm not optimistic that it will stay that way for

    • Absolutely amazing!
    • Easy repairability