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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
Security, Application Security

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Description of Falco Operator

Define what activity is considered normal for your containerized applications & be notified when an application deviates.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Amazing solution and perfect integration

The best things about this product are that it works perfectly with our containers, no matter if they're in docker or not! It's really easy to use because of its simplicity (just add one line) but also very powerful since you can configure rules like "If there was any change at all inside my container". So far I have been able to detect changes made by users so we could notify them as soon as possible. We don't know yet how well will work detecting other kinds of events/changes such us adding…

  • Easy setup
  • Great community available support both online & offline.
  • Good documentation+ good tutorial videos.+ great features + simple design = win WinWinwin!!!
  • Notifications when changing status is missed sometimes
  • Some configuration steps aren' t clear enough

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Very good tool when dealing mainly SNS topics

I like that its easy to set up alerts, it's very intuitive as well. It also has some great integrations with other services from AWS. There are certain features which we would have liked to see more out of the box but overall, this was just so simple to use! The reporting isn't too detailed either, you can get away without spending money on any additional tools (such as Datadog) if you want. We're using Flakka in order to create alerting rules for our microservices architecture. This allows us

  • Easy setup
  • Great support/documentation
  • Alerts work really nicely.
  • Supports Prometheus protocol+json output format easily accessible via HTTP API calls + JSON input is supported directly by REST endpoints
  • Doesn' t seem possible yet integrate metrics exported through cAdvisor
  • Limited monitoring capabilities

After having worked with several other cloud companies (Azure/AWS) we finally found someone who has experience and knowledge of how containers work. This was the missing piece to our Azure Cloud Strategy. At the end of the project he produced a detailed summary of all the best practices and guidelines for our containerized applications. I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service! He did an excellent job documenting his process as it related to security…

  • Very easy to understand the information you need.
  • We can add many users at any time to the application without affecting anything.
  • Pricing model

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very user friendly and helpful when dealing wth issues

Easy to use, quick results! I like that it can monitor my containers with ease of one tool. It's easy enough if you are new at this but not too difficult once we get used to how everything works together in terms of monitoring our microservices architecture as well as Docker itself. If there were some other features added or more information provided about their plans/plans currently being worked out by them which would help us better understand future developments they have planned - such as…

  • There is no complexity when compared against Kubernetes deployment tools.it’s very simple because all operations related data was stored within GCP BigQuery database directly from running instances' configuration files via Google Cloud Platform Ops Manager platform..I never had issues setting things properly during initial setup period while configuring services through cloud shell
  • Some difficulties