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G57 Mustache Grooming Hand Made Cellulose Review




Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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MaterialCelulose Acetate
Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
Hair TypeBeard, Mustache, Fine, Normal, Short

Description of G57 Mustache Grooming Hand Made Cellulose

Pocket Size Comb Tortoise Shell finish. Gentleman's pocket combs for mustache and beard care and grooming. Rounded tips for sensitive skin and perfect detangle your mustache and beard. Its portable design fits easily in your pocket. Great mini moustache hair & beard straightener comb for men. Nice durable mens small beard comb pocket sized for a daily hair care without scratching your skin. Smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils inside the hair follicles promoting beard and mustache growth. A favorite mini beard combs for men for travel, car or office. For personal maintenance care or professional use. The perfect men's gift!!! ideal for birthdays, Father’s Day, valentine’s, weddings & graduations. Grooming is an everyday activity and Giorgio hand-made small mustache comb and beard combs are designed for a daily use. Mens comb to distribute moustache wax, oil or beard balm. Use to style with a trimmer, razor or mustache scissors. Hand-Made of Cellulose Acetate, very flexible and long lasting. Saw-cut by special circular saws and hand polished and buffed to perfection for an ultimate and effortless smooth glide, preventing pulling and hair breakage and going through your hair without scratching the skin. Men comb for sensitive skin. Unconditional 100% Guarantee, Giorgio beauty combs are handmade with great quality, but if you’re not satisfied for any reason, let us know and receive a free no-hassle refund.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For thick mustaches only

If you have a thin to medium mustache like mine, this comb probably won't work. Your teeth are too far apart to groom well unless your mustache is thick enough. Did absolutely nothing for me and that's what I would call a medium mustache. It's not thick or thin, it's somewhere in between. However, like all Giorgio combs, this comb is well made, strong, expertly polished and a delight to look at. If you have a thick mustache, it will probably suit you.

  • Handmade from cellulose acetate, very flexible and durable. Sawn with special circular saws, polished and sanded by hand to perfection, for a perfect and effortless glide, prevents hair pulling and breaking and goes through the hair without scratching the skin. Men's comb for sensitive skin.
  • Expensive Insurance

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Nice material and perfect size for work

I never had a mustache or beard before COVID. I grew both during the pandemic. This made such an item indispensable, because now both must be cared for. The normal comb is too big. This comb is the perfect size. I like the feel of the material and it's pretty durable. Works well to capture small sections of hair that I need to trim. It also gives my mustache and beard a nice straight look. At a reasonable price and with free shipping through Prime, this is a great item to order and own.

  • Perfect men's gift!!! Perfect for Birthdays, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Weddings and Graduations. Taking care of your hair is a daily chore and Giorgio's small handcrafted mustache and beard comb is designed for everyday use. Men's comb for applying wax, oil or beard balm. For use with trimmer, razor or mustache clipper
  • Negative impression

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great Comb.Sad Garden Gnome

This comb was orders of magnitude smaller than I could have imagined. Somewhere there is a garden gnome rummaging through his tiny bathroom drawers for a lost comb, and part of me is almost nauseous. Like me, but with the opposite problem, he searches for that tiny comb and uses Revain to order another without ordering it, only to find it's absolutely huge compared to what he was expecting. Unfortunately, this led to an existential crisis. 'Cause I'm wondering if someone is that small, is it…

  • Tortoise shell pocket comb. Pocket combs for men for mustache and beard grooming. Rounded tips for sensitive skin perfectly detangle mustaches and beards. Its portable design fits easily in your pocket. Great mini mustache and beard straightening comb for men
  • I will add later