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☘️ KLAIRS Daily Skin Hydrating Green Tea Water - Jumbo 16.90 Fl Oz Review




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Item Weight0.5 Kilograms
Product BenefitsHydrating,Hydration

Description of ☘️ KLAIRS Daily Skin Hydrating Green Tea Water - Jumbo 16.90 Fl Oz

The toner contains 45% of green tea water with calming and antioxidizing effects to soothe your skin, while also contained extract water of Calendula and coconut palm ensure in-depth hydration. It’s a water-like hydrating toner with no viscosity. This light toner can be used daily in any season on any skin type as the watery texture will be quickly absorbed into your skin. It’s also suitable to use as a toner to wash off your face at the first step of your skincare routine to even out skin texture, and its quick absorption enables you to layer it multiple times. It’s recommended to people who prefer light and refreshing toner.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

GREAT for the Seven Skin Method!

I love the way this toner works on my face. My skin is hydrated and plump, looks clearer and more radiant. This was my first experience with this Korean skincare brand and it was a very pleasant experience. This toner is VERY generously packaged in a large bottle that's easy to dose, and the product itself is incredibly gentle, even for very sensitive skin - maybe *especially* very sensitive skin. It looks and feels like water. Its super soft formula and extra-large size make this toner PERFECT

  • Toner contains 45% green tea water for a calming and anti-oxidant effect to calm the skin, as well as calendula and coconut palm extracts for deep hydration.
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Revainrating 5 out of 5

KLAIRS Daily Toner for Toners & Astringents

KLAIRS Daily Hydrating Water comes in a large plastic bottle. When applied, it feels like water, it does not smell. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft, but doesn't really moisturize my mature skin. I definitely need a moisturizer after applying this toner. It may be better for people with oily skin. If you found my review helpful, click the Helpful button below. Thanks very much! Have a nice day! 😉

  • Recommended for people who prefer light and refreshing toners.
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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Super Hydrating - Skin Care

I have dry/sensitive skin and this large size toner is fantastic. I live in Las Vegas, so keeping my skin hydrated and hydrated is extra important. I also use cpap when I sleep so in the morning when I do my skincare routine 2 rounds of this toner instantly moisturizes my face and no more wrinkles. It is very safe to use if you are using the 7 skin method but to be honest 2 rounds of this toner is more than enough for me. The bonus is that it has no odor.

  • A non-viscous, water-like hydrating toner. This lightweight toner can be used on all skin types on a daily basis, all year round, as its watery texture absorbs quickly into the skin.
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