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Colorful Kids Toy Rocket Launcher: Ignite Their Imagination! Review




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๐Ÿ’ฅ Blasters & Foam Play, ๐Ÿ€ Kids' Sports & Outdoor Play

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Description of Colorful Kids Toy Rocket Launcher: Ignite Their Imagination!

๐Ÿš€ Fun Foam Toy Rocket Launcher - Run. Jump. Launch! Kids will have a blast while blasting off with this fantastically fun foam toy rocket launcher. Durably designed and reliably built to withstand endless hours of jumping, stomping and playtime! Safe for age 3+. ๐ŸŒž Hours Of Outdoor Excitement - This awesome kids toy provides harmless dynamic entertainment that lets kids burn up all that extra energy while having the time of their lives! The set includes eight full foam rockets in three fun colors plus a folding yellow stand. ๐Ÿ›ซ Soar Up To 100 Ft. High! Watch rockets soar up to an incredible 100 feet in the air with the perfect stomp. MotoWorx toy rockets are backyard-friendly and parent-approved and won't shoot so far that kids lose track of them. Have fun in the yard, park or playground!. ๐Ÿ‘ Easy Assembly And Storage - This high-flying toy rocket launcher is durable, built-to-last and features a stand that folds for easy storage in small spaces. The launcher is easy to assemble and requires no electricity or batteries. Perfect for a birthday or holiday gift!. ๐ŸŽ“ Learn Science Through Play - Not only will children enjoy hours of energetic outdoor fun, they'll engage their minds and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through play โ€“ by adjusting angles, jump force and flight trajectories. Issue with your order? Donโ€™t worry! Every purchase is covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great Rocket Toy!: Foam Blaster Sets

Great toy for kids! Very easy to assemble and use! My daughter loves rockets! My daughter loved this toy and now she just keeps talking about toy rockets! 100% recommend this toy for your little ones!

  • Easy Installation
  • Protection

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Excellent customer service

The kids enjoyed it for about 2 hours. During this time, all of the missiles' wings were ripped off, rendering the missiles unusable. I would recommend another brand. waste of money. Update: The company that posted this has great customer service. Even though the first item failed, they called me directly and gave me a full refund and offered to send me a replacement. Hopefully the next one will last a little longer but I felt it right to update my review as they were willing to make it rightโ€ฆ

  • Best in class
  • Reliability

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Played with it every day in the summer

I have a 3 year old child, I thought this toy would only last one day but it turned out to be very fun and durable. After kids playing with it day after day, some rockets are missing side wings, some were broken on purpose, but they are easily repaired with tape and can be used again. The best thing we bought this summer was keeping the kids busy for at least an hour a day and helping them study. Update: still having fun 6 months later!

  • Weight
  • Modern

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Falling apart on first use

Boy was I going to love this item. Every time we fired a rocket, one of the side flaps would come off and you couldn't put it back on. Qualitatively it's rubbish and you'll probably get a good 5 minute game. really wanted it to work. After spending an extra $20 on all these parts, it works by shooting about 4ft. I will neither buy nor recommend it.

  • Delivery was very quick
  • Hard to tell

Revainrating 2 out of 5

cool toy Unreliable.

This was a birthday present for my 5 year old grandson. When he received it, he was so excited to play with it that he stopped opening other gifts! We set it up. Used for an hour. A hole has burst in the hose connecting the air pump to the launch vehicle. We tried to just seal it with duct tape. That went on for about 10 minutes. After an hour and a half, the "best" birthday present was a flop. We have implemented a return authorization. This toy should be associated with the idea that it isโ€ฆ

  • Great for a small home
  • Questionable purchase for the elderly

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect for kids of all ages!

This product is very easy to assemble and will please almost all children! I have siblings who couldn't get rid of this product after we were unboxed by a family friend. The rocket makes a great children's toy and believe me, it doesn't break easily. My siblings are quite aggressive when picking up toys and I was very afraid that they would break, but they endure everything and are a lot of fun and joy. I am grateful that I found this product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it.

  • Certified
  • Cord is shorter than others

Revainrating 4 out of 5

See update. Rockets fell apart on first use

Update: After my review the seller offered to send us a completely different set. After using the new set, it really does feel like the original is just a rip off. We've only used it once but so far nothing has broken. The seller was great, we didn't even ask for a replacement but they offered to ship for free. I hope we can use it a few more times before it falls apart, but I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you conscientious seller. Previous/Original Review: We were very happy with theseโ€ฆ

  • GOLS certified
  • Only available in black

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best toy or gift. Super durable and very addictive!

This rocket launcher was one of my best purchases as a kid. I have 5 children ranging in age from 14 months to 10 years and they all loved it. My 8 and 10 year olds put it together on their own and loved being able to launch it in different directions. It's really cold where we live right now, so we played inside, but I imagine there's even more thrills outside. I'm a kindergarten teacher and have had other brands in the past that I remember tipping frequently. The unique thing about it is that

  • Excellent Overall
  • Doubtful

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Easy to use and lots of fun! Rockets a little smaller than I expected

Bought this for a couple of 4 year old boys to play with. They immediately got the hang of it and were able to use it themselves, although they couldn't shoot far. :P That's a bonus for me; As a result, the toy grows with you and doesn't get boring even after a month. Us adults have no problem launching them pretty far (I don't know exactly HOW MUCH, it depends on launch angle), so I know they'll make it eventually! A few features: 1) The launch angle can be varied, allowing you to shootโ€ฆ

  • Decent performance
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous