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Description of 💌 UCGOU 8x5x12 Mailers Envelopes Mailing

🍀【Opaque Poly Bubble Mailers】 The black bubble mailers outer size is 8.5x12 inch, while the inner size is 8.5x11 inch. With full air bubbles, our bubble mailers can protect your value products from damage caused by external impacts. The inner lining is using gray film, even if there is strong light, the items in the bag cannot be seen, which can protect your privacy well. 🍀【Strong Self Sealing Adhesive】 Our padded envelopes is using four-season adhesive, which can maintain strong stickiness throughout the year, even if the weather is very hot or cold. The strong stickiness prevents your items from being secretly replaced during transportation. The adhesive is covered with silver strip, which are easily peel off the strip and seal the bag. 🍀【Sturdy & Durable Construction】 The thicken shipping bags covers with polyethylene material, making them not easily punctured and damaged. Beside, the shipping bags features with excellent waterproof and tearing proof effects because of the reinforce sealing on the edge. They can keep your value stuff safely to destination even though using on foggy or rainy days. 🍀【Convenient & Easy to Use】 These poly shipping bags are the perfect choice for small and middle business for easily using with not require extra packaging material, which can improve your company productivity at work, save much time and mailing cost. It is very suitable to transport for cards, CD, DVD, jewelry, makeup supplies, photos, magazine, books, clothes and more. 🍀【Enhance Brand Influence】 Bright colors bring a lively atmosphere, which makes the items you transport more conspicuous and will not be easily lost. Beautiful colors can also make your customers happy and enhance your brand influence. We have been committed to making better products to serve our customers, so that their business can get better and better.


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I know the description says it is 8.5x11 usable. to keep that in mind when buying things like this, and that bit of extra length would come in handy sometimes. Then they arrived and nowhere on the packaging does it say 8.5 x 12 but it says 8.5 x 11. If it were a hamburger I would understand the misleading sizing (eg: 1/4lb before cooking). Next time I will know how to read the description as advertisements are not always what they seem. In the meantime I'll just use them for other purposes and…

  • Strengthening of brand influence
  • Some small things

It would be great if quality control was a bit better with them. The first ones seem to have some part of the flap cut off or torn off for some reason? The problem seems to be where the bubbles end and the flap begins. The pages are pretty badly pressed. It doesn't look like this batch was sealed well. Everything is fine on the left, but there is such a thin seal on the right that I'm afraid it will burst. The quality of the material itself is good and the adhesive strip is actually very…

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Big and bulky

Revainrating 5 out of 5

do yourself a favor; Buy UTSGOU mailers.

I use various sizes of UCGOU bubble mailboxes every day in my daily work. I've tried other identical mailers (purple bubble mailers) sold by other brands and guess what? You will regret that you "saved" the price difference of $0.20 or $0.40 on other brands (you don't "save" money with FU GLOBAL, TRUST ME). ADHESIVE: The adhesive strip is approximately 0.5" wide and is located on the end. Flap compared to other brands. The adhesive is protected by a thin film that can be easily removed to…

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Not bad, but...