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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
Marketing Services, Branding Agencies

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Description of Upstatement

We're a free-thinking, fun-loving digital shop that's boutique by design. Each client collaborates closely with a multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers, and strategists.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great experience with Website and App Development

I like how every one is working together as an agency to provide amazing customer support for our clients! Also love all the customizations you can do within your website or app. The only thing at this time would be making it easier to login on mobile devices/tablets. This was definitely not my favorite part but other than that everything so far has been great!! Definitely reach out when looking into having more customized apps created in house. You will get what you need done right away which…

  • The user interface is very easy to navigate and user friendly
  • All the support our team has received has been amazing and well deserved!

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great tool if ever anyone needs one

I'm a freelancer so I can't say much about their customer service. But what they do is great! They give me all the tools to make my own website. With their help I've made an eCommerce site for myself. It has been really helpful and easy to use. You can also see your stats in real time. There are some features that I would like to have but it's not too bad. The price is good and you get everything you need. The only thing I dislike about them is that sometimes when you upload something it gets…

  • Easy interface
  • Makes keeping accounts together fun.
  • Good support staff if needed
  • Highly affordable compared other programs (30% off promo)
  • Some bugs/issues still remain; however these things seem rare

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Quality customization with quick turnaround

I liked how they gave us options to customize our website as per requirements which helped in giving more flexibility while designing it! They are very good at what we wanted them for - i mean their customer service is great too!! Nothing much but if you want your work done right then go ahead otherwise don't waste time here unless u know exactly where all weaknesses lie or have got an idea from some other agency about this one :) Our business was not visible enough online so now its doing well

  • The team working there were really helpful, always ready tp help out.
  • Everything's been completed within deadlines
  • Great experience with client management & tech support services (even when things weren’t clear)
  • Some issues that required extra hours/costs due unforeseen circumstances

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Upstatement is a web design company based out of San Francisco, California.

I've used Upstatement for my own personal projects and found them to be amazing. They made my branding look awesome, created a website that was extremely mobile friendly and helped me save money on my hosting fees. Not only did they make me look like a professional, they taught me how to code so I could take over any future projects. The customer support has been phenomenal! Whenever I needed help or clarification, someone would get back to me within hours if not minutes. Also great thing is…

  • You don't even need to know how to code
  • Customer Support is top notch
  • The pricing is expensive
  • Some things aren't included in the free plan
  • Their dashboard is buggy sometimes

This tool was developed by a third-party contractor, not our internal IT team. They did not use any of our systems, nor our processes. It took three months from the initial quote, to a working prototype, and another month to launch. In the meantime, we paid the contractor $80k. When it launched, the developer promised he'd fix bugs within 24 hours. He never did. It still crashed at least once a week. He said he'd add features, but they never materialized. At the end of the beta period, he gave…

  • You get all of the functionality of other analytics tools, it is simple to use and has a lot of power
  • Has all of the functionality of other analytics tools, but has fewer bugs than other products.
  • If you want a working product within two days, this isn't for you