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xiaomi bathroom high precision accuracy calculator 标志


重量范围100g-150kg,读数精度50g,是成人和儿童称重的理想选择,也可用于蔬菜、水果、包装等。通过一系列复杂的算法产生高精度的统计数据;除了体重,它还可以计算BMI和体型。内置身体平衡测试,单腿闭眼站在秤上测试您的平衡。秤可自动识别每个用户,最多可存储 16 个配置文件;优雅隐藏的 LED 显示屏出现并在使用时提供清晰的读数。包括公斤、公斤和磅的称重单位;蓝牙兼容,由 3 节 AAA 电池供电,可持续使用约 180 天.

bridgestone turanza t005 245/40 r19 98y summer 标志


Bridgestone TURANZA T005 is the test winner of the German automotive organizations. The innovative summer tire Turanza T005 is the winner in the test of the German automotive organizations TÜV SÜD and ADAC. The main advantage of Turanza T005 tires is the highest performance when braking and cornering on wet roads. The results of independent…

xiaomi mi body composition scale, white 标志


Electronic floor scales are made of metal and durable glass, have a laconic design. The device withstands a load of up to 150 kg and gives a result with an accuracy of 0.05 kg, so that even small weight fluctuations are noticeable. You can set the output of results in pounds or kilograms, the numbers are clearly visible on the luminous display. The main…

laundry basket curver style, 26.5x44.8x61.5 cm, cream 标志


Laundry basket Curver "Rattan Style" is made of durable polypropylene. It is perfect for storing clothes before washing. Similar in appearance to rattan, this is an excellent choice for those who appreciate aesthetics and comfort. Its attractive design allows you to create the interior of the room in accordance with the latest trends. The lid of the…

xiaomi showsee hair dryer a5, red 标志


Xiaomi Showsee Hair Dryer A5-G is a compact hair dryer with an ionization system that gives a healthy shine and soft silky hair. The device is based on a high-performance 1800 W electric motor with high torque and high rotation speed. The motor drives a 6-blade bladed fan to dry hair quickly and with low noise. At maximum power, short hair will dry in 1…

grohe toilet seat cover 39330001 duroplast with microlift alpine white 标志


lid soft close mechanism quick release seat removable material: Duroplast with fixing fits all GROHE Euro Ceramic WC pans

xiaomi jordan judy tri-color led makeup mirror (nv505) with backlight 标志


Xiaomi Jordan Judy LED Makeup Mirror (NV505) - 33 LEDs are evenly distributed on the mirror, which can mimic the characteristics of natural light and compensate for the lack of light in the room. The illumination intensity is 525LUX, which provides a higher image clarity than conventional mirrors. Soft light does not irritate the eyes and does not cause…

nexen n fera ru1 225/60 r17 99 year old 标志


The Nexen N Fera RU1 is a summer UHP tire with an asymmetric tread pattern designed for road use on vehicles with a high center. The fourth-generation rubber compound and optimized asymmetric design of the Nexen N''Fera RU1 (Nexen En Fera Ar-Yu 1) tires with four (3 + 1) annular channels that accelerate the clearance of the contact zone from water…

watering can for hygienic shower grohe tempesta-f trigger spray 30 27512001 chrome 标志


Bring the ultimate in versatility to your dream washroom with the New Tempesta-F Trigger Spray 30 Hygiene Shower. The shower head offers gentle, powerful cleansing for added comfort and hygiene with a rigorous and minimalist jet control switch. The shower head can be removed for cleaning and the shower nozzles are designed to be cleaned of dirt and…